Matthew McConaughey

Jean-Baptiste Lacroix/

Now that James Franco has turned in an amazingly effective performance as a stoner in the reefer-themed comedy hit Pineapple Express, it seems his fans are confusing art with reality. The 30-year-old actor has become a target for the goodwill of dope enthusiasts. “Even in class (at UCLA) I've had someone come up to me and be, 'Hey! What's up, man?' and give me a handshake and palm me a little bag of weed.” The gifts are wasted on Franco: “I haven't done drugs; I haven't even smoked pot, since high school.”

“That's, like, insane!” said Matthew McConaughey, allegedly overheard by Malibu-based Soup Blog sources when he learned of Franco’s statement. “Whoa whoa whoa...lemme get this straight! People just come up and give him free weed?” queried a stunned McConaughey. “Damn! And it’s ‘cause he made a movie about a pineapple train? I’ve been makin’ the wrong kinda movies, bro!”

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