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McSteamy may be McSettling!

This is one fascinating little nugget of scoopery I gleaned from a one-on-one talk with the always intriguing Eric Dane, who hinted at a big romance coming up for his character in the upcoming season on Grey's Anatomy.

Want to know the details he shared and what's up with Izzie's and Meredith's love lives, too?

Of course you do! So get your booty in here...

Eric Dane

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McSteamy Finding the McOne? Spoiler alert! The always steamy Eric Dane hinted that Dr. Mark Sloane might finally meet his romantic match this year. "I think he's going to [find real love] this season," Eric told me. "I don't know how long that's going to last. The nature of the show is people don't stay together very long. We always end up getting back together, and then we break up again, then we get back together again—but I think this year he's going to find somebody."

Now, the money question: Is it someone we know? "I hope so," Eric said with his signature, mischievous grin, making me think it is most definitely someone we've already met. Any guesses?

Chyler Leigh

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Another source told me that McSteamy and Lexie (Chyler Leigh) share a scene in episode three, which is shooting now, and then I got to thinking: He's single, she's single, he's McSteamy, she's Meredith's sister, the Grey girls love their McDoctors, hmmm...I got it: Double McGrey wedding for the series finale!

OK, clearly I'm getting ahead of myself and could be 100 percent off base here (and most likely I am), so please help me out with your theories below!

The Many Loves of Izzie Stevens: Meanwhile, what are we to make of Shonda Rhimes' statement to TV Guide this week that "Izzie's (Katherine Heigl) got a love story—and it's a big one, one that I've been kicking around in my head for a bit, one that required me to take a huge leap of faith in myself, one that is so secret that I have not told anyone. Not the writers, not anyone." Could that possibly herald an appearance by the biological daughter Izzie gave up for adoption when she was a teenager? I had heard long ago that that storyline would most definitely resurface, because nobody said "love story" had to mean romance, right?

Then again, there's always this...

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Patrick Dempsey


Tag Team: From what I've heard, many of the medical stories this season involve couples whose relationships could shed light on Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) situation. In one case, when a wife throws a remote control at her man, the resulting examination of his skull reveals a tumor. I suspect Meredith will learn a little something by the end of the episode about arguments in long-term relationships that applies to fight night at the McMansion. In particular, I think the lesson is, you know, "Use your words!"

Grey's Anatomy: Season Five
Izzie's partner this season?
McSteamy's partner this season?
MerDer: First comes living together, then comes...

Now, you make the call: What's in store for Izzie, McSteamy and MerDer in season five of Grey's Anatomy? Post your theories in the comments!

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