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Why are most stars Democrats? You would think as high wage earners, they would be Republicans.

Remember: Top-paid actors are also members of a massive union—the Screen Actors Guild. Unions traditionally see themselves as underdogs against a more powerful class, in this case, studio heads, film financiers and other producers. Stars know that they wouldn't get half the perks they enjoy—rest periods, minimum pay—without their union.

So their pay may give them something in common with the Bush family, but their culture does not. Unless you count Heidi and Spencer; they're Republicans.

You see celebs attending all kinds of sporting events. So have any celebs been to the Olympic Games this year?

Not unless you count Bill Gates as a celebrity. And I don't. And oh: Jared Leto.

Usually every guy I like doesn't like me. I'm used to it by now. But this time I really, really like this guy. He tells me himself about girls he thinks are really hot, and I am not one of them. How can I get him to like me if I am surrounded by tons of prettier girls?

Dear Jennifer Aniston, er, Sarah: Why, ignore him, of course! And whatever you do, don't accompany him when he goes on tour. Smacks of desperation.

Not a question, but from one B!tch to another: You ROCK! Keep it hot, girl!

I do hereby pledge to keep it scorching. But I can't do it without your questions! Ask me something!

Got a question about Hollywood? ASK IT!

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