Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

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Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag may have called off their engagement, but the reality-star lovebirds are still talking babies.

They're looking to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for inspiration. "I think I'd rather adopt than have kids," Pratt said when I caught up with the two this morning. "There are so many kids that need homes."

A few minutes later, Pratt, 25, clarified that he doesn't just want to adopt. "I wanna do both," he explained. "We'll pull an Angelina and Brad and have a whole clan."

Montag, 21, cooed, "We'd be so lucky to have a clan like that."

And yes, that clan could include a child from Africa...

"I used to want to be a missionary [in Africa]," Montag says. "That's something I've always really wanted to do. Go to the U.N. for World Hunger and really, you know, not just go there for a safari, but go there to actually help."

Speidi sure has a lot of plans.

First up is getting through another season of The Hills. Season four premieres tonight on MTV. Their archnemesis, Lauren Conrad, told me last week she thinks this may be the end of the reality series. Montag said, "If this isn't the last one, I'll bet there will only be one more."

Although they're not attending the Republican National Convention next month, they're still hoping to do some campaigning for John McCain before Election Day. And speaking of McCain, whatever happened to their much-publicized plan—with the help of the presidential hopeful's team—to visit the troops in Iraq?

"I don't know what's going on," Pratt said. "I think they're so focused on the campaign, they kinda lost the momentum."

Well, that'll at least give Montag more time to work on her clothing line and music and acting careers. She just dropped her second single, "Overdosing."

"It's about, you know, my love with Spencer and just overdosing and being so happy in love and enjoying the moment," Montag said.

As for acting, Montag points out that she was offered a big gig way before Conrad recently announced she'll be appearing on ABC Family's Greek and Audrina Patridge would be doing the same on the new Fox sitcom Do Not Disturb.

"I actually got cast for a part in Rules of Engagement," Montag said. "I couldn't do it because of the Hills schedule. But yeah, they wrote a part for me, and they wanted it to be a recurring role…I went there, and I auditioned. They wanted to hire me and everything."

Pratt says he'd love to make an appearance on any one of his three favorites, The Unit, 24 or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

"It's all a blessing," Montag said. "We live life to the fullest everyday and just thank God for every little everything."

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