Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton

Jeff Vespa/Getty Images, John Shearer/Getty Images

It was a tense moment. Back at the opening of Apple Lounge last week, both reigning big-hair temptresses o' the moment, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, who haven't exactly been on speaking terms lately, made up. And, stunningly, you can thank preening Paris for this score-settling moment in celeb time, certainly not Lindsay.

Here's what happened:

Both baddie babes arrived around the same time for the opening of the West Hollywood club. P.H. came with her mostly blond entourage, while Lindsay's pack consisted largely of gays, insisted several fruit-and-follicle witnesses.

Both camps were out on the dance floor, jiggling away, pretty loose and limber. And even though SamRo (who's friggin' thinner than Nicky Hilton these days, which is saying quite a lot) was cemented to Lindsay's side, L2 was feelin' pretty free 'n' easy, too. This despite the fact that Sammy-love had furiously whispered in Lindsay's ear the second she saw Hilton show up.

And just when gyrating Lindsay and Paris were in danger of literally bumping into each other—both infamous femmes had, up until this moment, taken great pains to avoid speaking or looking at each other—Paris, like a bejeweled, overly coiffed gazelle, leapt across the dance floor to hug a shocked Lindsay, who limply hugged back.

Jeez, Pare-poo, you been takin' lessons in not only how to best avoid s--ty karma, but also how to expertly win the bitchy-bitch tabloid wars? Darling, you are so winning this one!

Congrats...Will it last?

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