John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston

No, John Mayer is not doing comedy. The guitar slinger and recent Jennifer Aniston ex, is standing up for the girl he just dumped. It probably doesn't make her feel any better, but props to John for coming clean while going off on a group of photogs yesterday in New York City:

"If you guys are going to run stuff and run every lie under the sun, have somebody stand up for somebody," the singer said, according to Us Weekly. "Have me as a man who ended a relationship stand here and write some truth. Have me stand up for somebody and write that Jennifer Aniston is the smartest, most sophisticated person I think I've ever met..."

"She's one of the most lovely people I've ever met in my life and I'm going through something that's a very personal thing and you have to give that up. You have to give everything up because you can't have it all and it sucks.

"I'm sorry that the story's not interesting," Mayer added. "But it's about time that somebody stands up for that girl and I think she's great."

Sounds like this tirade should probably be filed in the Doth Protest Too Much folder, but kudos nonetheless to John for venting with so much flourish.

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