Nicky Hilton


Do-Me Meter, Awful Truth

Nicky, darling, sweetie, what the ef is going on? The older, former-hottie Hilton was out 'n' about in Hell-Ay this week doing her best impresh of the Incredible Shrinking Woman, and we simply must ask: Who, or what, is eating you?

Now, we get it. It's hard in H'wood to find the balance between Kate Bosworth and Rosie O, but there is such a thing as being too frail to lay your eyes on, and Nick-babe, you're right on the Calista cusp.

Jeez, we never knew jeans came in such skeletal sizes.

The usually saner of the two heir-hons has been MIA as of late, and we're worried she's been hiding away without any foodstuffs nearby. Either that, or Tinkerbell Hilton's been hogging all of N's treats.

Doll, order some delivery and get a hold of yourself. Or at least chow on some red velvet Sprinkles cupcakes in the meantime to gain some pounds—not exactly nutritious, but it's a start we heartily recommend. In-N-Out next.

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