Fake Hand


It’s been tense, it’s been thrilling, it’s been cutthroat. And now it’s all over. After 33 bids, the auction that you read about here last Tuesday for the prosthetic hand used by Arrested Development’s Buster Bluth has sold for a whopping $238.50. The lucky winner of this rare keepsake is Anonymous, so whether or not it’s Shia LaBeouf is anybody’s guess.

To put that price in perspective, we called Signature Prosthetics (“The Ultimate in Prosthetic & Orthotic Appliances”) to find out just how much a fake hand costs. “Your basic hand is a couple hundred bucks, but they can go up to $1,000,” explained a helpful sales rep. “You can get a hook, though. That’ll run you about $400.” Considering those don't even come with a serious show-biz pedigree, Anonymous got quite a deal. Disappointed fans can still bid on dust jackets of closeted Tobias Fünke's self-help classic, The Man Inside Me.

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