Truth, Lies & Ted: Batman

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Dear Ted:
You crack me up. Those Truth, Lies and Ted episodes are laugh-out-loud hilarious. The bat suit was priceless. But I don't like the new A.T. format. I keep having to hit my "back cursor" to get back to the main page. Am I doing it wrong?

Dear Not Batty:
Nope, we are. So sorry for production probs, Kath, (is this you, Ms. Hilton?), but you’d think we’d know how to switch a column to a blog (does that make me a bossy blolumn?), but alas, not exactly. Please bear with us. Production wizards who supposedly know how to fix these things are toiling, I’m assured. Very sorry, hang tight!

Dear Ted:
Maybe the new site should be dubbed the Big Banana? You should put a little more fear into Toothy Tile by revealing another Blind Vice. Game?

Dear Dare-Doll:
You bet. But judging from the way Crotch Uh-Lastic is gaining closeted-sex game playing on our beloved Tooth, I dare say it’ll be he who’s uncovered before Tooth—shall we dub him Toothy 2? Let’s!

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