Desperate Housewives

ABC/Andrew Eccles

Just how tight-assed extreme is it working for the Disney folks? You have no idea, but one slighted sweetie on Desperate Housewives knows just how strict it can get. The wives on ABC’s dramedy were asked to bring in some personal photos as some background set design for the show. This par-tick DH actress complied, and brought in a bevy of photos—including one of her and her child. Disney dudes said A-OK to the cute pic, until they started shooting and the photo got some screen time in a shot. They asked the DH darling who had taken the photo in the first place, and she answered: her deceased husband. Sad, but too bad, said the producers, who declined using the photo on the show since they couldn’t get approval from the photographer. Seriously, ABC, ya think a guy’s gonna rise from his grave just to collect a paycheck for his camera work? Guess a widow’s word ain’t good enough for the Mouse House’s legal team. Jeez. Is all this legal hullabaloo just from having to survive Lindsay in Herbie: Fully Loaded? Wouldn’t be surprised. Hear they’re all still quaking over that one. And little wonder Marc Cherry’s saying he’s calling it quits with nonsense like this going on (not even my legal team pulls merde like this, and they’re pretty tight in the bum department, I’ll tell ya).

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