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You might want to wear your sunglasses while watching the new season of Heroes 'cause I'm hearing of not one, but two scorchingly hot new hookups (one platonic, one not) among the characters we already know and love—and the news just may burn your retinas without proper precaution.

Who's getting together? We just caught up with two Heroes who are spilling a little scoop...

Click in for the goods!

Heroes: Four Months Earlier

NBC Photo: Justin Lubin

"There's going to be a little love affair," the always spicy Dania Ramirez told me of her character Maya in the new season, which starts Sept. 22 on NBC. "I don't think I should say much about it, but I can tell you: It's gonna be hot!"

Um, I'll say. According to insiders, producers are forging a new über-couple between two Heroes regulars in season three—Maya and another Hero—which will serve as a major story arc and which will prove to be a powerful combination. If you saw the amazing premiere screening at Comic-Con (it rocked, did it not?), you probably know who I'm talking about...A certain formerly not-with-powers series regular who is going badass this season.

Meanwhile, in other Heroic hookup news, the one and only Mr. Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) told me he's "getting a new life partner." So...yay! HRG is going gay!

OK, he totally isn't (sorry to concern you, Mrs. B) but according to inside sources, Mr. Bennet is forming a surprising, platonic partnership with a certain head-splitting baddie who may or may not go by the name of...you got it...Sylar (Zachary Quinto).

"It's going to be very interesting," Coleman promised of the new union. "I've been wanting to work with this actor for a very long time." But wait a minute, does this mean Mr. Bennet is going bad? Or is Sylar going good? The mind boggles.

As for what else lies ahead, Coleman revealed that Clairebear (Hayden Panettiere) will be “a little more clued in as to what I’m up to. She actually sees what it is I do, and it gets pretty gnarly.”

And Ramirez shared that while "last season I spent a lot of time dealing with my power, being a little gullible and being a little stressed about what I was, this season Maya is coming into her own." Translation: Sylar had better watch his back. "She hasn't forgotten what [Sylar] did to her brother," Ramirez continued. "And ultimately, she will find him!"

If you want a reminder for the Heroes premiere in your calendar , click on "Fall Premiere Reminders" at right. Now, sound off below on what you think of these new partnerings!

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