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From joel-dirksz: men yore osem

From dyamondbrowder: does rihanna go with chris brown?
No, but she does go with a fruity, well-balanced Beaujolais.

From jerico: Were did the Jonas Brothers grow up in/hometown? Were is Jonas Brothers next concert?
You’ve come to the right place, jerico, as the Soup Blog is well known and respected as the ultimate one-stop site for Jonas Brothers information. The Brothers didn’t actually “grow up,” as much as they were created and manufactured by a team of NASA robotics specialists and the Disney Imagineering brain trust. Developed over a period of years, the android pop combo’s hometown would technically be the secret subterranean lab located beneath an abandoned airstrip in the Mojave Desert. Hope this helps.

Wedding Top


From millersarahc: Joel, I am a huge fan of yours. I'm writing because I've always told friends that I'd love for you to officiate at my future wedding. Well, the boyfriend proposed on Friday so I have to ask you: Would you ever consider performing such a service? Look forward to hearing from you!
Unfortunately, Joel—who has spent upwards of $10 to become an ordained minister—is fully booked. Between the weddings, yacht christenings, pet funerals and emcee duties at celebrity Wiccan roasts, he barely has time to do the show. But congrats from The Soup!

From Ilovemywhitestripes: I have a question that i really wanna know. You know how somethimes Joel is really mean to his "coworkers" on set, well is really like that in real life? Just wondering.
You’ve got to understand that in the complex world of show business, “mean” is often a warm-up to “funny.” Therefore, “really mean” = really funny. Tears, hurt feelings, mild bruising, damaged upholstery; it’s all part of the job. And Joel is a big-hearted, dedicated, hilarious professional.

From knightewave: hey! where can i find a list of the TMZ hosts reporters and their bios? I can not find their bios anywhere!
Let’s see…how about TMZ?

From Kasey: Joel, why don't you make fun of Ty Pennington? He's so damn annoying!! Please start.
Look, Kasey. Annoying or not, you don’t want to make fun of the guy who’s building Lou's steak-shaped hot tub out of 300-year-old imported sandalwood.

From elizabeth.weisman: Did you catch Anderson Cooper mention Joel on Live with Regis and Kelly today? He said I've watched Denise Richards colon It's Complicated. Kelly said "Colon, it's Complicated?' Anderson replied "yea, that's what the guy on the soup says" I'm sure you saw it, but just wanted to make sure!
Yes, Elizabeth, like you and countless other Soup watchers, we saw the clip. Great stuff. And though it would be easy to make a comment about Anderson Cooper with “colon” on his lips, we refuse to stoop.

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