James Franco, Seth Rogen

Eric Charbonneau/WireImage.com

James Franco was the quasi-beefy man o’ the night fer sure over at the Pineapple Express premiere, last week. UCLA students—girls and guys alike, very horny coeds—were lined up outside the Mann Village, all screaming “James Franco, I love you!” like they had an inkling of a chance of scoring some face time with the dude. Actually, they prolly already had—Jame-babe recently graduated from the Bruin school a few weeks ago. Ya think they woulda taken up the chance to score a convo with him on campus instead of screaming across the street, no? We asked the dude with the nice kisser why back to school? “I was not very happy with a lot of movies I was doing, and I needed something else to fill up my time,” fessed J.F. about his choice to higher educate himself.

“School turned out to be the perfect thing.” Swipe at Spiderman 3, maybe? This guy’s smarter than we ever gave him credit for, fer sure (and we already thought pretty highly of the slim-waisted looker). “This movie felt like a breeze just because they made it so easy—made it so fun. I can’t believe you could have that much fun making a movie and make a good movie,” he bellowed ‘bout the feel-good flick. Makes us wonder just how tedious and tiring working in front of a green screen as the New Goblin must have been. Tokers have more highs, eh?

OK, smarty-pants, pop quiz: Who would win in a pot-puffin’ contest, you and costar Seth, Cheech and Chong or Harold and Kumar? “Seth Rogan would win the smoke-out.” Sounds about right to us, ‘course, J.F. would so win the smooch-out.

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