Lauren Conrad

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Lauren Conrad showed up to the Teen Choice Awards, as if she isn't already acting pimple-ready, as it is. Nevertheless, she gave us some oily dirt on next season, since we know all you obsessive Hills junkies can't stand to wait until then, anyway. "There's a lot of drama, a lot of new boys this season, which is fun." Get lucky in lust with any nice or not nice guys, Laur? "I kiss a boy. I don't know if he's nice." Yum, that's the sleazy ticket. You go, girlfriend, talkin' smack about the men you've snogged before the season even starts? We like this gal's guts. Seriously, tho, any guy's gotta be better for Con-babe than Brody or Jason.

Gal's surely sick of all these ick-inducing suitors the show snags for her. Too bad L.C.'s clueless about how much more of her life is destined to be documented. "I have no idea. I never know," she replied when we sympathetically inquired. Why don't you start living an actually realistic life, Laurie, instead of spending so much time crimson carpet walking? The cameras will disappear in no time, promise. Then again, the producers are more than happy to air scenes of you, Lo and Audrina chewing and staring, all to a pop soundtrack, so what the ef do we know? Is your friendship with Ms. Patridge running smoother than your love life, at least? "Everyone says we're fighting! We're not fighting. Every season we get all these new opportunities, and we become really busy, and it's becoming a bit more difficult with all of our schedules, so there's not as much hang-out time as we used to have. I love Audrina...I'm so proud of everything she's doing; we're just so busy." Yeah, I mean, what fame-slut friend wouldn't be proud of their BFF being inducted into the leaked-nude-photo hall of fame?

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