Madonna, Christopher Ciccone

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Call it Confessions in a Book Store. Chistopher Ciccone told us at his book signing last week he’d do it all again. But first, here’s something sadder: 15 minutes after the supposed start of C.C.’s signing at Book Soup, there were about 20 people who walked into the joint, most of who were probably just strolling down Sunset Boulevard and popped in for a peek. We were mucho curious to see if any of Chrissy’s former A-list pals (Demi perhaps?) were gonna show some respect, but it seems they’re all dutifully Team Madge. Who was the lone name brave enough to support M’s scribely sib? Ms. Janice Dickinson, on display in all her gonzo glory for everyone to “oh my gawd” at. That’s the best you can do, C2?

Janice, photo-op ready, donned a black dress that accentuated her saggy legs. She still claimed, however, that she didn’t want to take pics because it was “Chris’ day.” That’s what friends are for, right? To support you in all your mean-spirited success? Apparently Jan and Chris go way, way back—she surely knows him better than most other people in the place. She whispered to her hangers-on, “He’s so good at this, he loves this...Let’s all clap really hard.” Didn’t work. While CicNasty was signing books, we just couldn’t resist asking him some burning Q's. We inquired if he’s spoken to Madge since the release of the tome. “Um, no...I got an email right before saying, ‘Call me,’ ” adding that the last time he and M saw each other was during her last tour in Miami. Gotta wonder how much he knows about the current messy merde in his sis’s life—we’re thinkin’ not much. So don’t pick up the book thinking you’ll get a sneak peek into Madge’s alleged A-Rod romance or anything recently Ritchie related.

So does he regret a lick of it? “Not at all. I finally know who I am...She’s still my sister, nothing will change that. Brothers and sisters don’t always love each other.” Such a sage, this author. Chris detailed to us that Daddy Ciccone was very supportive about the book and that he got his dad's blessing before he went through with it. Makes sense, since Madonna and her “Oh, Father” have never gotten along themselves. Like pops, like son.

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