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Thanks to John McCain, Paris Hilton realizes that she's like totally ready to lead!

The seemingly oblivious heiress has taped a response, posted on, to the new McCain ad comparing Barack Obama to celebs like Paris and Britney Spears.

And,'s pretty funny.

In the video, Paris introduces herself as a celebrity—like McCain, who's "old enough to remember when dancing was a sin."

"I'm a celebrity, too. Only I'm not from the olden days and I'm not promising change like that other guy. I'm just hot." the 27-year-old scenester says.

She goes on to thank the "white-haired dude" for mentioning her in a campaign ad, which apparently means she's running for president, and fills us in on her energy policy.

Celebutantes: 1. GOP: 0

Meanwhile, check out the commercial that got Paris thinking(!) after the jump.

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