Time for the Heroes panel! Hollllaaaaaaah!

And crazy enough, it was shockingly easy to get in to Hall H this morning at San Diego’s Comic-Con. (If you happen to have two slaves who’ve kindly offered to sleep on a cold, cement slab all night, waiting in “line”…Check out the photos at bottom for proof of why I would give my staff a vital organ if they asked…Wait, does an eyelash count as a vital organ?)

Who did we see? Who didn’t we see. Amazingly, the entire cast was there. What did we see? What didn’t we see? For starters, we saw the first hour of the season premiere, so click in for the big scoop!

The Season Premiere Got a Standing O: Okay, not every single person in the room leapt to their feet when the screening of the first hour of the two-hour season premiere concluded, but the response was overwhelmingly positive among the crowd. The first hour, truth told, felt and looked like a movie, and the following sounds were heard from the crowd: “Yeahhhh!!! Whooo!! Oh my god oh my god oh my god!! Duck!!! Noo!!! Get him!! What??! Are you kidding me?!! Oh holy f--k!” and a whole lot of laughter.

What I’m saying is, you have every reason to look forward to the season premiere this September, because Heroes is 100 percent back and, I venture to say, perhaps as good as before, if not better than ever. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone who was there.

There was very little time for fan questions with the cast, but we did capture a little video for you (stand by, it’s coming soon!) and here are the highlights from the fan Q's...

Fan Q: Can you describe the new season in one word?

Jack Coleman: “Fantastico!”
Hayden: “Wonderful, magical”
Milo: “Melt your head”
Masi: [Something awesome-sounding in Japanese]
Greg: “Sexaaay”
Adrian: “Sexy because you get to see Greg in a thong”
Dania: “Twisted”
Zachary: “I’ve always liked the word 'brouhaha'”
Ali: “Fantastical”
Sendhil: “Deeply dark”
James: “Roller coaster”
Christine: “In my day we would have said, ‘Far out and groovy baby!’”
Tim Kring: “I’ll go with the word 'adrenaline.'” 

Fan Q: Whose power would you take?

Milo: "I would take Sylar’s."
Jack: "I would take anybody’s."
Hayden: "I would take Niki’s power from first season because I’m tired of being beaten up!" 

Favorite announcement: According to executive producer Jeff Loeb, the unseen episodes from season two will be on the Heroes season two DVD.

Favorite moment: Cutest kid ever stood up at the mic to say: “Sylo, you are awesome!!! You’re the best Hero in the whole series!!” When later asked a Sylar question (coming soon to this site via video!) Zachary Quinto replied, “Excuse me, it’s Sylo.” Awesome.

Now stand by for the video, enjoy Team WWK's (Natalie Abrams and Jennifer Godwin) sleepover pics below, and if you saw the first hour of the premiere, tell me, do you agree? Did you like it?

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