Heather Mills

Jeremy Selwyn/Evening Standard/SOLO Syndication

Ironically, what Heather Mills could really use right about now is some positive PR.

The longtime mouthpiece of Paul McCartney's ex has announced a spectacular parting of ways with her headline-grabbing client, burning just about every bridge in the process.

"After working for Heather Mills for the past four years, I have decided to cease representing her," publicist Michele Elyzabeth said in a statement to E! News. "Since her divorce has become final, in my opinion, Heather has become an impossible person."

Elyzabeth, who through the end of last year maintained an unintentionally funny blog in which she posted videos of herself, her hair dresser and her dog defending allegations against Mills, pointed to the exact moment she knew she had to quit: When she had the audacity to remind Mills that the former model was not, in fact, a deity.

"Yesterday, we engaged in a heated argument during which she called me 'stupid.' I reminded her that she was not 'God,' and she answered, 'I will never ever talk to you again.'

"I have been very patient in my dealings with Heather. However, I cannot take any more. I have given her substantial unpaid time and attention. I am owed money. I refuse to be subjected to her outbursts," Elyzabeth said, before delivering the final blow to possibly the most hated woman in the U.K.

"On reflection and given the way I have been treated, I now have sympathy with much of what the British press has reported about her."

Mills, who reportedly doused McCartney's divorce lawyer with a jug of water when the ruling wasn't quite to her liking, and who last year went on a particularly teary and ill-advised tirade against her treatment by the British press on several TV programs, has, unsurprisingly, not yet commented on her team's restructuring.

She may, however, be accepting résumés.

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