Ultrasound of twins

The big question in Hollywood’s newborn baby community is not which wacky infant onesie T-shirt to buy—Hung Like a Five Year Old or All Mommy Wanted Was a Backrub—but whether or not to sell those precious baby pictures. The Brangelina camp unloaded their snaps for millions, while the Kidman-Urbans and the Wahlbergs are vehemently against the idea. Newly preggers Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell have no such issues, apparently. Ultrasound images are already up for bids, with the above photo a mere teaser.

“Why not?” queried funnyman O’Connell, hawking a thick stack of Xeroxed womb shots on the Santa Monica pier. “It’s like free money! Five bucks, people—get ’em while they’re hot!” And the proud papa has other plans for turning the miracle of dual births into major twin profits. “Hey, they’ll look great on mugs and playing cards, and you get 52 that way. Plus, I’m thinking about a video game,” added O’Connell, “like the Super Mario twins.” When it was pointed out that the Marios were actually just brothers, “So what?” shrugged the star of the upcoming Baby On Board. “Those guys totally look alike, and that says twins to me, man!” Romijn could not be reached for comment.

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