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What's with celebs wearing shoes that are way too small? I saw Jessica Simpson's toes sticking out a good half-inch beyond the end of a shoe.
—Jessica, Dayton, Pa.

Celebrity stylists clucked and sputtered when I asked whether Jess may have actually sported a missized shoe on a red carpet. Nonsense, they said. And how dare anyone even imply that Jessica Simpson would do such a thing, because she has her own shoe line, blah blah blah.

The shoes were probably the correct size, the stylists mused, but then the weather likely grew rude or inappropriate, causing Jess to sweat. Seriously. See what I mean, after the jump.

Sweat very often causes toes—even celebrity supertoes—to slide forward if they're straitjacketed into a high heel. It has happened to dozens of celebrities sweltering under klieg lights. It's even happened to me.

"You really can't avoid it," said Brit Cato, who has styled American Idol finalists and other public figures.

That said, there is one circumstance that may cause a celebrity to come into contact with a shoe that is actually the wrong size. But it isn't the red carpet.

See, runway models routinely suffer the catwalk in shoes that do not fit. The problem is so common that Tyra Banks has even bitched about it on her Top Model show.

"I once worked with Sue Wong, the L.A.-based gown designer, for L.A. Fashion Week, and I felt so bad for those models," Cato recalls. "Some of the shoes were a size too big, some too small."

But for celebrities, the only place they may find an ill-fitting shoe is on a magazine shoot. Rushed stylists do their best to find the sizes that fit the star, but time constraints often mean sacrifices. The stars rarely complain because, unlike a red carpet, which requires walking, photo shoots only call for stars standing still in an iconic manner.

"The reader or viewer really isn't going to be able to tell the difference," Cato says.

Except for you, Sparky.

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