The Fringe press room at Comic-Con was a little, well...chaotic. Without going into gory details, suffice to say it was a wee bit congested and frenetic, with far too many pushy crews pushing each other around, which allowed for the following happenings to go down during my long-awaited  (i.e. since first year of Dawson's Creek awaited) meeting with Joshua Jackson:

  • An awkward interview collision
  • An impromptu game of bumber butts (And no, I am not complaining)
  • A totally gross-looking smear of chocolate on my forehead during the whole damn thing

(Okay, so that third one may not have had anything to do with the packed interview room but rather the fact that I got so nervous I was finally meeting Pacey Witter I scarfed down part of a Dove chocolate bar right before sweeping my bangs out of my eyes. Our intern kindly pointed out afterward, "Don't worry. It just looked like a gross birthmark." In other words, kiill me now.)

Click above and below for the full humiliation. And hey, there's even a smidge of actual talk about that awesome new show Fringe. Bonus!

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