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From spanish_pimpx: hehe ey yo how come all u so funny meng damn i just c the 1 about u present 'chicks man' n conjo boi u take this 2 the top man damn, anws I'm Elkyn from Colombia livin' in Aruba though send me a shout out in the end of 1 of ur next shows where u'r just killin time cool hehe.
Thanks for the good wishes, Spanish Pimp X. Meng damn, indeed!

From shopaholic: i hate your show it is the stupiest thing ever u have no life go get a life? wait....u cant!
You’re right. All we can do is sit around and envy the rich, vital life of a shopaholic. We feel so stupey.

Mr. T

From jratner12: will you have my baby? i've met mr. t too.
Joel doesn’t impregnate anyone who has met Mr. T.

From socalswan06: Hey Joel..This is Lorrie Arias. My E! interview was last weekend..When are you gonna make fun of me on your show? I would be honored..LOL…and I did describe my scar infection as an "OPEN PUS-Y HOLE"..ha ha..!! Thats some great material for The Soup..I'm a crazy bitch..LOL
Hey, Lorrie, is that you, from The Swan? Not sure if or when Joel will be making fun of you—there’s a long waiting list of crazy bitches—though you sure deserve it. "OPEN PUS-Y HOLE"? Too much! Who writes this stuff for you, Neil Simon?

From Roylt579: Hey! omg i love this show sooooo much!! but what really sux is that none of my friends watch it! So whenever i say a joke from your show they just look at me and are like, "uhhhhh...ok?" but anyways, i still love your show! so if you feel like buying me a plane ticket to bring me to the studio while you film a show that would be awesome!!! lol. Make sure its during the school year though. Cause im goin into my junior year of high school, and i would really like it if i could skip a couple days. lol. love, Taylor!
Sorry, Taylor, but the budget for our skip-school-and-get-a-free-plane-ticket program has been used up. Though we do encourage you do ditch as much as possible, especially if it’s for a little home schooling. Which means watching The Soup all day. FYI: Sometimes the jokes don’t work so well without the clips.

From anniematthews: Is there a way to be a part of the studio audience to watch The Soup? Thanks!
Sadly, Annie, there is no way. It’s a tiny studio filled with a handful of friends and relatives of Soup staff, as well as members of the celebrity jet set, adult film stars, prominent underworld figures and select Make A Wish winners. Plus, there’s the fire marshall and his whole “can’t do this, can’t do that” bummer trip that always kills the grilling.

From mnielsen90: can you get tickets to see the soup?
Yes, I can. You can’t.

From nikki_custable: Joel! can you stop shaving before the show because you are HOT with a five o'clock shadow. thanks! i love you!
Hi, Nikki. Have you ever met Mr. T.?

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