Lindsay ditches rehab (temporarily), as well as the paps—while Adrien Brody and Elsa Pataky are hardly camera shy. And what are all the hot H'wood mamas up to? We kinky kiddos want to know!
Lindsay Lohan, Calum Best, Dina Lohan

Jamie McCarthy/

One (of many, I'm sure) thing Lindsay Lohan has apparently learned in rehab is how not to be photographed. The perennially paparazzied babe took a break from Promises Saturday night to go out to dinner. Linds hit Ketchup on Sunset Boulevard with a bunch of friends and arrived through a private entrance. One restaurantgoer reports La Linds was "very tan [and] looked healthy and ate healthy." Also happy to tell ya L. Lo did not drink during din-din, good girl!
Apparently, L2 was overheard saying she didn't want to go back to rehab—but indeed, she did. Also good baby-girl—so unlike our baddie-babe Linds. Now, there were no stop offs at Teddy's or Hyde for L.L. that night, as I'm told she was headed straight back to Promises post-Ketchup to make her 11 o'clock curfew. Her hasty exit managed to fool the photogs—it seems as paps arrived about 20 minutes after she left. Sounds like L2's on the road to recovery this time. Maybe?
Adrien Brody, Elsa Pataky

Eric Charbonneau/

Adrien Brody is such a nice guy. Not only did he travel to northern Peru, where his main squeeze, Spanish actress Elsa Pataky, is filming Máncora, but he's also helping out his honey. Reliable overseas spies swear he's "playing set bitch" for his babe.
Love it! Just like Billy Clinton's gonna—possibly—play Oval Office bitch to Hillary next year! Back to lip-smacking seducer A.B.—an Academy Award-winning actor working as a lowly PA? Boyfriend must be seriously whipped...or just really generous. Keep him, honey.
I also hear the lovey-dovey duo is shacking up in a house near Vichayito Beach, about 10 minutes south of Máncora. They've been seen brunching beachside with their bod-guards nearby, natch, and are big on PDA. Sickening or sweet? You decide, although I'm leaning toward the latter.
Mark, Skye Hoppus

Donato Sardella/

So, if thin is in, pregnancy is in-er. Case in point: Rock Star Momma—the hip guide to looking gorgeous through all nine months and beyond by Skye Hoppus, wife of Blink-182 and +44 frontman Mark Hoppus. With so many femme celebs gettin' knocked up these days, I braved the cutesy and kid-friendly Treehouse Social Club to see why this how-to book has their panties bustin' at the seams.
Joely Fisher

Matthew Simmons/

Joely Fisher, lookin' fit and fab as evah in skinny jeans, a white blouse and tan pumps, hosted the celebration and was in good spirits when I asked her what the sexiest thing was about being with bambino.

"I think having a baby is the sexiest, bravest thing a woman can do. I mean, now that I'm not pregnant, I can fit into a nice boob top" (yeah, that was hard not to notice), "but I loved being pregnant." And what are her thoughts about dressing age appropriate? "I don't think you should be wearing microminis into your 50s...unless you have the legs for it!" the very un-desperate housewife laughed.

Wild On, Brooke Burke, Biography
Also lookin' about 10 years younger than her actual age was Brooke Burke, dressed in a tasteful tan dress, crystal stilettos and matching fatty diamond ring. B.B. spent the party chatting with fellow hot mama Tia Carrere and playing with her darling eldest daughter, Neriah.
Tia Carrerre

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/

"What was the sexiest thing about being pregnant?" I asked the totally down-to-earth duo. "What was sexy about being pregnant was that my husband thought I was sexy pregnant. I was like 'Oh, you like this extra roll here...okay, great!" was T-baby's self-deprecating, somewhat worrisome response. Your husband sounds like a nice liar or lover, maybe both.
Marcia Cross

James Devaney/WireImage

Marcia Cross and hubby Tom Mahoney, out and about with their two baby girls at the Brentwood Farmers' Market Sunday. Marcia's dead-giveaway red hair spilled out under her floppy summer hat as she sported the "new mom uniform" of horizontal striped shirt, rolled-up khaki pants and oversize sunglasses. A few months back, Marcia dished on Ellen that she still had "a few more baby pounds to lose," and I'm here to tell ya she's done just that, plus some. She's supersvelte. Someone who probably didn't have much of a Sunday morn herself was...
Michelle Rodriguez

Lisa O'Connor/

Michelle Rodriguez, who hit up club Teddy's Saturday night. Inside, Michelle set up shop dancing and hanging out with some friends next to the deejay booth, where Lindsay Lohan documentary dame Samantha Ronson spun for a bit. "They chatted and seemed to be having a fun time," said one partygoer. How interesting, seeing as they both have to fight off those pesky rumors that they enjoy heated hangin'. Out hoppin' with his number one girl was...
Frankie Muniz

Gary Lewis/

Frankie Muniz, feeding his tiny frame at Pete's in downtown L.A. last week. "Had he not moved, I would have thought he was a door mannequin," marveled my grub witness. "So cute and tiny!" Although diminutive 'n' dimpled doesn't really do it for moi, Frankie-boy was accompanied by his bleached-blond fiancée, Jamie Gandy. When are those two tiny lovebirds getting hitched?
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