Jenna Jameson dishes on her disappearing act and those nasty plastic surgery rumors, while Nicole Richie, the Olsens and Ashlee Simpson party hairy-hearty. Plus, Reichen shows off his new boy accoutrement right in front of Lance Bass, while we dissect another Lance's (Armstong, that is) fashion and friend choices!
Jenna Jameson, Tito Ortiz

Jeffrey Mayer/

T-Mobile threw a bash Friday night for the iD, the new version of the Sidekick. A slew of celebs came out to party, Fall Out Boy performed and, yes, Ashlee Simpson was there...but we'll get to that in a sec. First, let's talk Jenna Jameson. The once curvy gal has been lookin' skeletal as hell lately, so when I saw her walk the carpet with new human sidekick of choice Tito Ortiz, I had to get the scoop on her dramatic weight loss.

"I went from 125 to 95 pretty quickly. I think my lightest was about 92 pounds," she said, saying it was due to stress over her messy divorce. "As a woman, you either eat a lot or you don't eat. It wasn't intentional. Now I'm trying to gain a little weight back. I'm feeling really healthy and I feel a lot more positive. My divorce is starting to come around a bit, and hopefully I'm able to walk away from it not angry—and be able to be friends." 

The former porn princess also addressed those pesky plastic surgery rumors that she had some work done (that went awry) below the belt. "The whole vaginal reconstruction thing is just retarded. It's embarrassing that someone would hate me so much to say something like that," the busty-in-many-ways babe scoffed.

"It's not's beautiful!" Jenna added, regarding her apparently scalpel-free nooky area. Tito nodded, enthusiastically, at this declaration. Um, too much information, you two.

Nicole Richie

Michael Caulfield/

Inside, as it were, I spotted this do-me duo hanging at the same table as Nicole Richie, who was rockin' a new platinum blond bob. Table-hoppin' Nic also joined Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's stage-side table during Fall Out Boy's performance. The teeny threesome rocked out together like some sort of decadent dollfest. Cute, but weird.

Ashlee Simpson, Pete Wentz

Barry Brecheisen/

Directly behind that bunch was Ashlee Simpson, holding down the fort as her main squeeze, Pete Wentz, did his thang on stage. Ash was gazing at her eyelined guy adoringly as Petey-poo did his hard-core rocker routine.  

Do you all think he's attractive? I'm not sure I dig the whole dude-wearing-makeup deal. Then again, we've all seen what P.'s packin', so maybe that makes up for his penchant for face paint? 

Jared Leto

Dan Herrick/

I mean, if that (female) model's complaint about Jared Leto in the performance department is to be believed, let's hope not all pancaked pricks are more interested in the latter than the former.

Hilary Swank

Lisa O'Connor/

Hilary Swank, takin' a break at the bar. Friday afternoon at Houston's in Santa Monica. The Oscar winner was sittin' alone and chattin' on her cell. Hil was looking beautiful (funny how two Oscars can help in that glow department) with no makeup; she donned a huge-ass red sweatshirt, which, must say, is not one of her better couture choices, as of late. There were Quixote trailers parked close to the chain eater, so perhaps Miz Swank was shooting something nearby and hadn't yet hit the makeup chair? Less natural, more plastic peeps elsewhere include...
Katie Price

Can Associates Limited

Katie Price, aka Jordan, über-booby British star whose reality show with hubby Peter Andre premieres Apr. 21 on E!. K.P. may already be a star across the pond, but that doesn't mean she only wears designer duds. The overly bronzed babe was spotted shopping at Forever 21, of all places, at the Grove. Her man was nowhere in sight, but an assistant type was helping Ms. Erect Nipples at the register. She was perfectly color coordinated, in a yellow top, yellow shoes and a yellow headband, natch. Maybe if Katie-poo's show's a hit here, she can graduate to shopping at Arden B. Another over-the-top type across the coast was...
Michael Lombardi

Jemal Countess/

Mike Lombardi, chasin' skirts in New Yawk. The Rescue Me looker hit Retreat Friday night in InWhySee and was "flirting with all the female patrons...both girls at the table next to him, those in his party and the waitress," according to a clubgoer. I'm told M.L.'s bev of choice was P.I.N.K. vodka, and he stayed until one ayem. Wonder which femme friend Mikey finally ended up taking home for a little puss-to-puss resuscitation?
T.R. Knight, Katherine Heigl

Lisa O?Connor/

The GLAAD Media awards went down Saturday at the Kodak Theater, and it was a homo-happenin' time indeed...for most, that is. T.R. Knight, who opened the show, and the usually chatty Katherine Heigl both opted out of speaking to print peeps on the press line, wonder why. Have they had enough controversy for a while, or did the powers that be tell them to bite their tongues?
Lance Bass

Jean-Baptiste Lacroix/

Anyhow, a dateless Lance Bass was makin' his way down the carpet, doin' interviews left and right, when suddenly, boyfriend bolted. "I'll be back!" he shouted, over his shoulder as he fled. Cristina Gibson, who was on hetero hand while I was outta town, wondered why the guy made such a hasty exit at an event where he has lots to tawk about.
Reichen Lehmkuhl, Ryan Barry

Gregg DeGuire/

And then, C. saw for herself what made the former 'N Syncer go bye, bye, bye. At the other end of the carpet, his former flamer, Reichen Lehmkuhl, was muggin' for the cameras. And, to make things even more awkward, R. brought along a new boy, Ryan Barry, who's semistudly, if C. says so herself. 

The twosome were kissing, too, as the flashbulbs popped out the wazoo. Talk about harsh! Lance was a friggin' presenter at the shindig, and Reichen shows up with his new b-f to steal the spotlight.

Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O'Connell

Jeff Vespa/

Happy to report Lance kept a stiff upper lip and seemed unfazed as he presented an award to Martina Navratilova. L.B. even stuck around for the dinner—alongside such grand gurus as the Rebecca Romijns (including ab-perf Jerry O.), Neil Patrick Harris and Motorola's David Pinsky—as well as the after-do, where Reichen and his arm candy were canoodling just a table away from Miz Gee. Cristina, ever the bitchy Jersey judge, was practically chanting, Get a room, already, you two attention bores! 

'Fraid she takes after her boss.
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