Domesticated honeys Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a most surprising encounter at the grocery store, while that Dancing with the Stars newbie Heather Mills finds out just how bitchy a very visible life in Bev Hills can be. Ready to stab your shrimp forks, everybody?
Heather Mills

Nick Harvey/

Remember that huge paparazzi madhouse outside the Four Seasons last week for Heather Mills? I almost felt bad for the British babe when I saw the crush of photogs surrounding her like she was friggin’ Britney Spears or somethin’. Until I found out the following, that is.
Paul McCartney

Kevin Mazur/

According to most well connected sources, Four Seasons security offered Heather and her handlers a private entrance to the hotel, which she refused. Seems she wanted to be snapped by the panting paps...go figure. No wonder Sir Paul got outta that one pronto...

And as much as H.M. apparently wanted attention then, ‘twas a rather diff story Friday night at the Bev Hilton, where Starlight Starbright was holding a benefit do.

Dancing with the Stars: Heather Mills


Heather was there to auction off a night with herself and her Dancing with the Stars partner, Jonathan Roberts. I figured it’d be the perf op for her to wax serenely about helping sick children, right? I mean, the gal could certainly use some Saint Angelina-esque good PR and some rehab for her rotten rep. Uh, wrong-o.

Ms. Em skipped the entire press line, refusing to talk to any of the waiting media outlets.

And as much as we journos wanted to talk to her, seems Heather-hon was much less in demand inside said soiree. The auctioneer opened the bidding for her prize at a cool $10,000, which no one was interested in.

So, Heather and Jon got up on stage to try and get a bidder. Still no takers for 10 Gs...Hmmm, wonder why?

So, then the desperate duo cut the price in half, to $5,000 instead. Nada. Finally, Dave Koz, the smashing sax player who was being honored, threw in his humanitarian hat. The auctioneer continued to try to get more money, but no dice. “It was almost embarrassing,” whispered one audience member.

Unfettered footnote: Davey was the only bid and ended up winning the prize. Lucky him!

Jamie Lee Curtis

David Livingston/

Far more jovial ‘n’ jumpin’ was Jamie Lee Curtis, who was the evening's host. She did a fab job emceeing at the podium, in my opinion.

After Dave performed, Curtis came back on stage with blinking stars on her nipples, strategically placed over her dress. “I figured I had do something good to follow that,” she joked. (The stars were given to peeps who bought raffle tickets that night in order to signify their charitable donation.)
Queen Latifah

George Pimentel/

Howevah, less funny was J.L.C.’s demeanor when I asked what she thinks about stars who fight back against pesky paps (like her cochair Queen Latifah, for ince, who recently flipped off the shutterbugs in Hawaii).

“I think they should win,” she said, suddenly serious. “I will be lobbying alongside anybody who wants to stand up and say that a celebrity has a right of privacy. I don’t think that just because you choose to be in the public eye, in a profession like acting, that that means you are public property.”

Maybe this is why Jamie-doll has stayed outta the Biz and spotlight for a few years now?

“I’ve had a great respect for the press,” the mama of two continued. “But I would become violent if someone came toward my children the way they’ve come toward my friends’ children.”

Hmmm, what friends do you suppose she’s talkin’ about?

Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban

Kevin Mazur/

Keith Urban, gettin’ groceries and gettin’ noticed in the domestic process. Whole Foods in Brentwood on Sunday. Keith was there shopping for veggies with wifey Nicole Kidman when a fan stopped him to stay how much she enjoyed his Grammy performance last year. The country crooner was friendly, and Nic seemed pleased as sugar-free punch that someone gave him a shout-out and left her alone. Kecole waited in line like everyone else, in case you’re wondering. “They looked happy and movie-star behavior!” says my shopper. More over-the-top at supposedly more glittery locales was...

Kevin Federline

Gregg DeGuire/

Kevin Federline, celebrating his 29th birthday in Vegas. (His Hell-Ay fete, where barbers were supposedly gonna be on hand to buzz heads à la Brit, got canceled, boo hoo.) After doin’ the Jack-and-Coke thang by the pool, Kev-doll and his 15-person party posse hit Social House for din and shots of Patrón before heading to Pure. I hear Kev’s ‘rents were in the house, along with a certain ex of his. No, not Brit-babe, but none other than...

Shar Jackson

John Shearer/

Shar Jackson, that sex-ay babe with curves I love so, was there to wish K.F. well. The vibe was just friendly for the romantic reconciliation record. Havin’ a guys night out back in the City of Fallen Relationships was...

Ryan Phillippe

Jerzy Dabrowski-ONS/

Ryan Phillippe, with his bestie and biz partner, Breckin Meyer, dining with some dudes. Dan Tana’s on Friday night. Hate to report that the babely boys were “not too exciting,” so blab fellow carb chewers. “They all seemed pretty bored,” says my seat spy. “They spent most of their time looking around to see who was looking at Ryan”. How Hell-Ay cliché!

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