Naomi Campbell, Terrence Howard

Jesse Grant/

New couple alert? Terrence Howard and Naomi Campbell looked pretty damn cozy in the lobby of the Mondrian Thursday night.

They were holding hands as they headed inside to the L.A. Confidental mag party honoring Forest Whitaker. But before they hit the carpet, they did an abrupt about-face and headed out instead.

"I can't wait to get home, baby!" I overheard Naomi say, sotto voce. And in case you're wondering, the former fiery femme with a penchant for hurling cellular devices seems much calmer these days.

"I'm not gonna answer, because half of them are my friends...Most of them are my friends!" she sassed, when asked who she was rooting for, golden trophy-wise. "I love Martin..." she said, before cutting herself off. "Ahhh, oh God! I don't know!"

Terrence was a bit more forthcoming.

"I'm a bit torn between Forest, between Will and between Leo...So, it's a hard one. Whoever wins, it's gonna be a worthy win," said the dude who was up for a Big O last year in Hustle & Flow.

Terrence and Naomi booked it outta the Mondrian lobby, jumped into their waiting SUV together and sped off.  

Guess, in reality, it's not so hard out there for a make-believe pimp, huh, T.?

Anna Nicole Smith

Ning Chiu/

The good news: A decision was reached as to who gets Anna Nicole Smith’s body. The bad news: This downright depressing debacle is nowhere near an end. In an even wackier turn of events, Judge Larry Seidlin technically gave Dannielynn custody of Anna Nicole’s body. Say what?  Okay, so he gave Dannie’s guardian ad litem Richard Milstein jurisdiction over the remains, which means Howard K. Stern and Virgie Arthur don’t have a say in where Anna gets buried.
Howard K. Stern

Kelly Owen/

If ya asked me a few days ago, I would’ve said things were lookin’ better for Stern, who seemed to be in the good graces of the judge when he generously allowed Howie to “take a night off” during trial to fly to the Bahamas on his choice of private jet transport, arranged courtesy of the wacky judicial type, whatever.

However, not so sure things look to cushy-wushy for the big-chinned H.K.S., as footage of an obviously high—and in full clown-makeup—Anna Nicole was leaked all over this week. It appears Howard is the brains behind the camera (and possibly the makeup artist as well), asking if she’s on a mushroom trip and cackling that “this footage is worth money.”  H.K.S. also admitted to the judge that Anna used several powerful drugs during their “relationship” and that she was his sole financial provider —aka sugar mama—for the last several years, paying for his lodging, expenses and meals. How very K-Schmuck of him, no?

Anna Nicole Smith, Daniel Smith

Gregg DeGuire/

According to the medical examiner, the body of my old southern sis-in-sass has already begun to decompose, so glad this verdict came sooner rather than later. The judge said A.N.S. should be in the Bahamas with Daniel, and Richard Milstein announced she will rest in peace alongside her son. My thoughts? It was a good call to let a neutral person that’s not motivated by greed or money. Let’s bury the poor babe already and get onto that paternity test pronto! More on this hideous sitch la-tuh, after the big O show, 'kay?
Pete Wentz

George Pimentel/

Just because Pete Wentz’s band, Fall Out Boy, had the number one album last week, doesn’t mean he’s livin’ the luxe life. Or so it seems.

“I slept in a car two nights ago,” he fessed, when I asked what the craziest thing the guy who has sent nudie pics of himself on the Internet has done in an automobile. Motors were on my noggin’, since it was the GM Ten event at Paramount Studios, where celebs and Detroit wheels collided on the catwalk.

Katherine Heigl

Dimitrios Kambouris/

Petey was one of the peeps walkin’ the runway, along with Katherine Heigl, Oscar It babe Jennifer Hudson and Tyrese. And while catnapping in cars is intriguing (to Pete’s mother, I s'pose), I was far more curious about P.W.’s recent comments during a Blender mag interview, in which he said he’s kissed boys and that “anyone above the waist is fair game.”  

Why just above the waist, I inquired. I mean, if you’re gonna go there, why not go all the way, right?

“I’m scared of the things down there!” he said, referring to below-the-belt pickle biz peculiar to us fellahs. “I’m prude a little bit. I honestly don’t want to tell my wife that I’ve been with like, a zillion, people. So I take it up a notch with the making out. I’ll make out with just about anyone…I have a lower standard for that.”  

So guys, girls, whatever?  

“I think some guys have gotten kissed [by Wentz] to get some girls to kiss each other,” he said. “They’re like, ‘You guys kiss,’ and then they will.”  

Seems his male makeout sessions had ulterior motives to woo the opposite sex, no? Or not?

Tom Cruise

Ash Knotek/Snappers/

“So, it’s not like you see a good-looking guy and go for it?” I pressed, pretending like I was Barbara Walters grilling Tom Cruise ‘bout those same-sex rumors.

“I don’t know...maybe!” he said, grinning. Oh, Pete, you’re such a big-pickle tease!

Lauren Conrad, Brody Jenner

Jesse Grant/,Mark Sullivan/

Less jovial, more jumpy, was Lauren Conrad, when I asked her about that infamous interview Brody Jenner gave to Details

“I found it a little bit hurtful, because I know that I don’t use people to get places,” she said. “If being famous is really that important to you, then go for it...But it’s kinda sad that you have to step on other people.”

I asked if she felt like he used her to get his mug on MTV. “I think that’s pretty apparent now, yeah,” she said dryly.  

Kevin Federline,Britney Spears

Larry Busacca/

And do let's give L.C. a little nod to the fact that she replied so honestly, something most celebs wouldn't do. But hey, girlfriend, you ain’t the first female this sour amor sitch happened to, and somehow, I doubt you’ll be the last (unfortunately). Just ask Britney  Spears Alexander Federline, if ya don’t believe me.

Bruce Willis

ALM 109/Most Wanted/

Inside the GM show, it was a family affair for the Moore-Willis-Kutcher clan. Well, kinda. They were all there, at least. I saw Bruce on the carpet, shortly after daughter Rumer dashed in with a gal-pal.
Penelope Cruz, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher

John Shearer/

And Demi and Ashton were seated front ‘n’ center, next to a giggly 'n’ gorgeous Penélope Cruz. But they didn’t all sit together, which was kinda odd, considering how chummy that motley crew usually is. Bruce sat with Brett Ratner, and I didn’t see Rumer the rest of the night.
T.R. Knight

Lisa O'Connor/

Also front row on the other side: T.R. Knight and Josh Kelley, there to cheer on Katie Heigl as she did her catwalk. Cacee Cobb also sat stageside to watch b-f Donald Faison blow kisses as he strolled by.
The show was a success, and Beck was slated to perform afterward, but first, an über-odd band called Ghostland Observatory came out. The acid-trip-type music didn’t go over too well with the audience, who ducked outside to mash ‘n’ mingle faster than Britney flees rehab.
Jenna Elfman

Vaughn Youtz/

What was interesting was that all the Scientology stars stayed put: Jenna Elfman, Danny Masterson and Jason Lee remained in their seats for the screechy performance.  

Makes perfect sense to moi, when you remember Beck is a Scientologist, too, and his like-minded amigos didn't want to miss a sec. Fellow L. Ron Hubbard-ites gotta support each other, right?

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