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Rebecca in Austin, Texas: What's the latest on your news about Shannen Doherty on 90210? Is she signed yet? And do you really think they'd put Jennie and Shannen together again? You can't be serious. That would be crazy!
Um, you mean crazy good. Inside sources tell me today the CW is working very hard to get Shannen's deal done ASAP so they can shoot the scene with her and Jennie. So yes, it does look like it's happening (barring any last-minute glitches or red-dress scandals), and yes, they most definitely do want Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth together onscreen—and I'm hearing both girls are open to it. Which leaves only one Q: Screening party at my house or yours? I'll wear my fancy acid-washeds for the occasion!

Lourdes in Dallas: Any big news on Heroes? Any cast changes for season three?

Heroes, Adrian Pasdar

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Yes! I'm hearing some old friends are returning—some alive and some not so alive. Check the spoiler section for that info.

Kristi in Murfreesboro, Tenn.: I was watching Hairspray last night (the new one directed by Adam Shankman), and which dancer gets a big fat closeup? Twitch, from So You Think You Can Dance! The show sometimes judged by Mr. Shankman...Interesting.
Well, Twitch also made an appearance on guest choreographer Wade Robson's old show The Wade Robson Project, but as they say in the disclaimer at the end of every So You Think You Can Dance episode, "Due to the nature of the dance profession, members of the cast, choreographers, and/or judges may have had varying levels of professional interaction prior to the production." I'm sure there are myriad other connections between the contestants and the judges, but I personally trust that they're all keeping it honest and above-board. Why do I think this? Because I luuuurve that show.

Pam in Tacoma, Wash.: Any word on Californication? Strangely, I miss it the most. When does it return?
Late September. I talked to Mia, aka Madeline Zima recently, and she told me they've shot eight of the 12 episodes of season two of Californication, and that so far the season features "a lot More sex and more hilarious situations that could only happen to someone [like Hank]." Madeline also gets a little defensive while discussing her character's naughty behavior, saying, "She's not a troublemaker. She's just young. She doesn't really know anything." (Ah, those crazy kids today, with all their fornication and plagiarism!)

Neil Patrick Harris, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Jules in Solvang, Calif.: Have you seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog yet? I'm dying to hear what you think.
I get to see it Thursday (Neil Patrick Harris and Joss Whedon, I've missed you!), and I'll be sure to bring you the full report ASAP! Actually, speaking of that upcoming Whedonry, here's a fun fact I picked up: Joss' brothers (Jed and Zack, the cocreators of Dr. Horrible) and Bones star Emily Deschanel went to the same high school. According to Emily, "I know his family. Joss actually taught video at my school, because he was a little older." Lucky girl!

Mark in Dallas: Mad Men is coming back soon! Please tell me you have some juicy gossip!
Instead of asking about the show, how about being on the show? AMC is running a contest for all the Don Drapers, Pete Campbells and Peggy Olsons out there. All you need to do is grab a camera, download one of the short scripts and put on your best 1960s gear and attitude by Aug. 25. The winner gets a walk-on role in season three!

Christina in Berlin, Germany: Hey Kristin, somebody told me the new Ryan Murphy series called Pretty Handsome (with Joseph Fiennes, Carrie-Ann Moss and Blythe Danner) didn't get picked up by FX. Is that true? I can't find anything official on the Net.
Sources at FX confirm that the network is not picking up the Pretty Handsome pilot to series. Sorry.

Rob in Rio Rancho, N.M.: What do you think of the new HBO miniseries, Generation Kill?
Generation Kill looks to be good stuff. Based on what I've seen so far, Generation is a smart, thoughtful and funny look at some of the U.S. Marines who invaded Iraq. Most of all, in true HBO tradition, it's dirty—there's a lot of sex talk and a lot of gritty sand getting all over the place. And fans of HBO's Oz will appreciate the return of the outstanding Lee Tergesen. Definitely give it a shot. 

Kiyoshi in Gardena, Calif.: I'm dying of boredom this summer. There's hardly anything to watch. Help!
Good news: In the next few weeks, this-here Watch With Kristin section will be filled with all sorts of real-life encounters with your favorite TV peeps. (It's not TV, but it's the next best thing!) The TV summer press tour is starting up very soon, and then we go right into Comic-Con, so keep checking back for liveblogging, party reports and tons of exclusive red carpet footage. If you have any specific Q's you want answered, email me at

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Tom in Orlando: I thought Linderman was dead on Heroes, but then I heard Malcolm McDowell say he's returning. WTF?
Let's just say our beloved Nathan Petrelli has a brush with death (you saw that last season) and when he comes back...Wait, what was I saying again? For some reason I just started thinking about that movie with Bruce Willis where the kid sees dead people. What was that called again? That was an awesome movie. Hmmm, I wonder why my mind just went there. Old age is a bitch. Anyway, in other news, Ali Larter is coming back as a totally different person (i.e. doppelgänger), meaning someone who is not Niki or Jessica or Gina (my head is hurting), and with a whole new power. And Claire's bio-madre Jessalyn Gilsig is also returning.

Mike in Anchorage, Alaska: Quick, give us something good on Heroes! How about some dirt on my favorite, Suresh?
Oh, twist my arm and force me to talk about one of TV's hottest men. Mohinder Suresh has a lot coming up this season, including a love connection with a female Hero we already know (together, they are hot as fire). And let's just say that if you had a sneaking suspicion Suresh might have some kind of superability, you would not be wrong at one point this season. There is more to him than meets the eye, but he ultimately may need to "scale back." (Note the quotes and try to figure out what the bejeezus I'm talking about in the Comments below.)

Mariella in Salt Lake City: Is Brothers & Sisters going through with the Rebecca and Justin storyline?
Indeed! At least, that's what I'm hearing, though they keep it a secret from the rest of the family at first. Word is, Rebecca's getting her own apartment, so that helps with their clandestine cozying. In other news, I'm told Tommy and Kevin have major tension this season, and Tommy might even fire Kevin (which you may or may not find interesting if you have or have not read certain totally trashy gossip reports which I'm sure you do not and I don't either).

Blake Lively, Gossip Girl

Eric Liebowitz /The CW

Anais in San Francisco: Anything good about Gossip Girl? You know you love it.
As if that were open for debate! I'm hearing Dan and Serena's on-again, off-again roller-coaster romance takes center stage for Kristen Bell's Gossip Girl's blog in the new season—so much so that a group of passionate tween readers accost Dan and Serena to give them a stern talking-to about what they're doing wrong. Tee-hee.

Sam in North Dakota: Anything on my girl Allison Dubois from Medium?
Just that I'm promised the Dubois domestic distress of yesterseason is fully gone! (And good riddance.) In season five Joe has settled into a cool new job (presumably with the guy who bought his idea from the beyotch), and Allison is going back to work in the D.A.'s office. Consider the happy-ending finale of last season to be the pilot for next season. (Yay!) 

Katrina in Vashon Island, Wash.: What's coming up on Weeds? I think I kind of love this season.
I know! So good! Anyway, coming up, in the second-to-last episode, someone's getting kidnapped and held hostage...

Shira in Israel: I love Eli Stone so much! What's coming up in season two?
Remember when Arvin Sloane went "good" on Alias? Well, apparently Spy Daddy Victor Garber is following in his footsteps—his Eli Stone character, Jordan Wethersby, decides he wants to take the entire firm pro bono. Go Daddy Do-Good!

Sterling K. Brown, Army Wives

Megan Tantillo, Lifetime Television

Jessica in Ft. Worth, Texas: Can you please do something about all the Army Wives haters? Army Wives makes me laugh and cry, and I love all the characters. Tell the snobs to watch it before they ream it, will ya? Oh, and while you're at it, do you have any scoop?
Now how about two bits of Roland dish? I have it on good authority he'll be shirtless in the very near future (woo!), and that as part of his teen counseling work, he gets entangled with a troubled young man who just lost his father to combat in Afghanistan. The teen, Jake, adopts Roland as a surrogate father of sorts, and things quickly start getting too close for comfort. P.S. Down with the haters!

Mikella in Oahu, Hawaii: Secret Diary of a Call Girl is so bad it's almost good. Why can I not stop watching?
I'm right there with you, babe. It's so dirrrrty, it's addictive. Anyway, coming up, danger is coming to Belle's love shack in the form of a freaky guy who won't leave her apartment. (Scary.) Oh, and the last (eighth) episode is pretty outstanding: Belle makes a career change, and we begin to see she may have a soul mate after all. (Hint: You've met him.)

Marcia in Riverside, Calif.: I'm absolutely freaking out over your One Tree Hill spoiler that Brooke would go to a "dark place" this season. Please tell me she's not going blind!?
Oh, good lord. No. Promise.

Jody in Frisco, Colo.: Is Robert Buckley returning for Lipstick Jungle's season two? His scenes with Kim Raver are the main reason I watch the show. Any scoop on Kirby and Nico?
Yes! Buckley is definitely back (a source tells me he's shooting in New York right now), and I have a feeling Nico and Kirby might end up getting down and dirty again, because...Nico's hubby is gone for good! Rosie Perez's character was photographed recently wearing black mourning at Charles' funeral.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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