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Click in to find out what happened at the CBS upfront, including why I'm in lurve with Craig Ferguson right now, what network prez Nina Tassler has to say about the end of Moonlight, what Elizabeth Reaser can say about the Grey's Anatomy finale and whom Adam Carolla tips to be the big winner of Dancing with the Stars...

Adam Carolla on Dancing With The Stars


Live From the Red Carpet

First of all, brace yourselves, Grey's Anatomy fans. Ava/Rebecca has left the Seattle Grace building. I just chatted up the lovely Elizabeth Reaser on the arrivals line at the CBS upfront—she has scored a new comedy at the Eyeball Channel, The Ex List—and she told me she's heartbroken to leave Grey's, but she wasn't a series regular and CBS offered her her own show with a premise she loves (psychic tells single girl she has one year to find her soul mate or she'll be alone forever), so...whaddya gonna do?

Elizabeth also said next week's Grey's finale is "huge" and "very intense," for her character, and I hope to have the video of her talking about the finale for you soon. It sounds...bad, to be honest. And by that I mean, good TV.

Meanwhile, Adam Carolla (there to promote his radio show and described by upfront warm-up act Craig Ferguson as the only deejay in America "named after an affordable import sedan") said he picks Christian to go all the way on Dancing With the Stars because "Kristi's too perfect" and Cristian's "so dreamy I'm one Zima away from hooking up with him." God bless that funny dude.

Moonlight fans, I asked CBS president Nina Tassler on your behalf why her team decided to cancel a show with such a devoted fan following. She basically said she also loved it, too, but cited the ratings. (As soon as I get that videotape to a player I will transcribe and post her exact quote for you.) I also thanked Nina for renewing How I Met Your Mother, and she said she is personally a big fan and later at the presentation described it as "the hottest comedy on TV," so yay for that.

How I Met Your Mother, Britney Spears

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Presentation Not-Quite-Live Liveblog

4:13:  I'm sorta in love with Craig Ferguson. He doesn't just read the material the corporate muckety-mucks give him. He clowns it, self-deprecates and then boogie-woogie booty shakes on stage while the boring advertising clip plays on the screen above him. God bless your lack o' shame, Mr. Fergie.

4:22:  While introducing the CBS Interactive presentation, Craig Ferguson mentions he loves the InterWeb and the FaceTube. You know what I like? The Craig Ferguson. The CBS Interactive guy does his spiel and says he thinks Britney is pretty much downloadable crack and that he wants her to be on all of their shows.

Regis Philbin

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4:35:  CBS president Nina Tassler is here! She says this will be the most aggressive summer ever, including the following series: Flashpoint (starring Enrico Colantoni whee!); Swingtown (starring Molly Parker, aka Alma Garrett from Deadwood, whee!); the Regis Philbin-hosted Million Dollar Password; a game show called Jingles; another installment of Big Brother; and last but not least, The Greatest American Dog. (I am not making that up, even though it sounds like something that came from Jimmy Kimmel's Wheel of Reality-Show Development. One of the dogs, a basset hound, likes to listen to his owner's iPod. "His favorite music is Josh Groban." Again, I am not making this up...)

4:39:  Did everybody but me know that the next Survivor takes place in Gabon? Did everybody but me know that Gabon is a central African country of 1.5 million people?

4:40:  I think Rules of Engagement is missing from this schedule...Have I mislaid Patrick Warburton and Megan Pryce? Are they coming back midseason? Note to self: Figure this out.

4:46:  Worst Week looks awesome. Like gut-bustingly funny. Yay! We only saw two minutes, so I'll try to keep my optimism guarded until seeing more, but still, WW could prove a very good time. Reminds me of Meet the Parents and stars Kurtwood Smith, aka Red from That '70s Show, as the De Niro-ish father-in-law. (Side note: just found out the main star, Kyle Bornheimer, is married to my friend, Fox network publicist Shannon Ryan. Huh!)

4:48:  The Ex List looks really smart and good, and I heard from a CBS-connected friend that the pilot is hilarious.

4:50:  The Mentalist is like Psych hottified. (Simon Baker is pure sex and intensity.) Simon's character is a police consultant who used to be a big-deal TV psychic but now admits he's just a really good observer and puts those skills to work for good...I am intrigued.

And that's all me wrote about my CBS-tastic afternoon! I'm heading out to the cocktail party now but check back for more info on all your fave shows!

Hugs and kisses,
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