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In less than a week, we will finally know the fate of CBS's Moonlight: Picked up or not? I would love to give you some advance notice on the verdict, but there is no word yet according to exec producers Gabrielle Stanton and Harry Werksman. They expect to hear next week, and we'll be sure to bring you the announcement as soon as we know!

Howevah! In lieu of pickup news, I did get the next best thing: scoop about the finale!

According to Gabrielle and Harry, "You can tell the fans we're going to play with some cool Mick-Beth-Josef relationship stuff in our season finale. We're going to delve more deeply into the world of 'freshies' (humans who let vampires feed off them)."

I'm told we'll also learn that Josef isn't as opposed to vampire-human relationships as you would think from the lectures he's always giving Mick.

G&H also spill: "Beth is going to see a shocking side of Mick and be faced with some harsh realities about being in love with a vampire." Of course, the vampire she's in love with is Mick St. John, "So don't expect our intrepid couple to 'close the door' on their future. Or will they? We think fans will like the last scene..."

Squee! Can't wait. In the meantime, let CBS know in the comments that Moonlight fans will continue to put up a bloody good fight for their show!

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