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Natalie in White Rock, N.M.: I need Grey's Anatomy news, especially MerDer scoop!
Well, you're in luck. Shonda Rhimes was the guest of honor of the Red Tie benefit for the Red Cross of Santa Monica (a relationship that started with that ferryboat-crash episode last season), and chatted about, yes, the future of Meredith and Derek. She said what I know many fans will be happy to hear: "It's time for [Meredith] to get over her issues." Rhimes continued: "She and Derek should either be over by the end of the season, or she should make it on her own. I felt like, you know, what I want to see is what happens after the happily ever after."

Virago in Tacoma, Wash.: Any scoop about my Grey's fave: Alex Karev?
Shonda said, "It's good, but I can't say anything." Poopie! Chyler Leigh, bless her possibly now-unemployed (just kidding) heart, said she doesn't think the Alex-Lexie door is closed: "It was left pretty open-ended there, so I'd guess it's going to continue for a bit. I'm very looking forward to it and to getting back to work."

Dax in Austin, Texas:  What's up for Addison's return to Grey's? Any McSteamy love?

Kate Walsh

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According to Shonda, "I don't know if I'd call it the final visit, but she is coming back for a visit." And don't expect any McDreamy-McSteamy resolution either. "I think she has more important things to resolve than men. She's got the job that the chief left open for her and a couple of other things." Kate Walsh said the script hasn't been written yet and that she'll start shooting at the end of March.  

Nancy in Asheboro, N.C.: I just checked out your "show returns" calendar, but where is Private Practice? One of my favorite new shows! I cannot find any info anywhere about when it will return.
Private Practice won't be back until the fall! The writers return to the table today, and production will begin in May. Kate Walsh said of the show's future storylines: "I think we're just getting started. Sadly, we had to stop at episode nine, so we're just getting our legs. There are going to be a lot of relationships developing—romantic, professional—and a lot of conflict within the practice as well."

Becky in Osceola, Ark.:  Any dish for me on McSteamy or Callie on Grey's this season?
Sara Ramirez
, whom I adore, said, "Obviously, she's not with George anymore, so she's not involved with the interns or residents. So I think she's trying to find her way socially. And obviously she's single, so I'm hoping there's going to be some guy who walks into her life, some McHotness." The line to get with Callie starts right behind me.

Madeline in Miami:  What is the story with ER? Is it coming back for a 15th season?
I’m hearing NBC very much wants it to and that the deal is “very close” to being done; however, they wanted to make sure my former future (does that make him current?) husband John Stamos would be fully on board for most of the episodes. Sources tell me John has been a big part of the series doing well as of late, and they want to make sure he's there so they can plan on beefing up his character, Gates, even more in the coming season (continuing his onscreen hookup with my old college dormmate Linda Cardellini—boo-yah!). So things are looking good. (Especially for Cardellini, that be-yotch.)

Christine in Los Angeles: Thanks for the info on America's Best Dance Crew! As a major So You Think You Can Dance fan, I decided to watch, and it was awesome. Any more scoop?
Did you know that Project Runway season-one runner-up Kara Saun is the stylist for the show?! How cool is that? And as a SYTYCD fan, you'll be psyched to know Korbi spotted season-three finalists Lauren and Cedric in the Dance Crew audience last week. Also, Shane Sparks said his departure from SYTYCD is not really a done deal. Apparently, there are calls coming in from Fox, and MTV may let him do both. Shane added that he signed the exclusive deal with Dance Crew because Randy Jackson offered him a security that SYTYCD did not—but if they'd like to have him back to choreograph a couple of opening dance numbers this summer, he'd be more than happy to do it.

Keegan in Chesterfield, Mich.:  OK, enough with How I Met Your Mother, give us the scoop on Jericho. There're only two episodes left.
Last week, Alicia Coppola visited our XM and Sirius radio show Yo on E! and said, "There are two different finales. Did you not know? Such juiciness. The one that can keep going or the one that has closure...and we don't know which finale it is going to be, but my storyline is the same regardless." Juicy, indeed!

Eli in Los Angeles: Any word on the CW's 90210 spinoff?
It's moving forward, baby!  Sources say Deedee Bradley was just hired to cast it. She was the Veronica Mars casting director. Here's hoping she finds us a new Kristen Bell and/or Jason Dohring! Ooh, or hello, here's an idea: Cast Daddy Mars as Daddy 90210.

Justin from Portland, Ore.:  Any ideas about the rest of The Office this season? What does the rest of this season look like?
I'm hearing the finale will be an hour long! Yay! Here's hoping it's filled with delicious, chunky, creamy and sweet PB&J (Pam Beesly & Jim, natch).

Johnny in Kfar Saba, Israel: Any Medium news?
Yes. The news is this: If you have never ever watched Medium, please consider giving it a chance this coming Monday (March 24), which is the first hour of a stunning two-part episode. In addition to Patricia Arquette and Anjelica Huston being their usual extraordinary selves, the "Wicked Game" eps are graced with two other amazing actresses: Sarah Drew, aka our beloved Hannah from Everwood, and Lily Rabe, aka Jill Clayburgh's daughter. These two hours are Medium at its finest: terrifying and heartwarming at the same time. We'll discuss further once you've seen part one...P.S.: Sarah Drew needs to be on my TV every single week. Can someone please hook that up? Thank you v. v. much.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Ginny in New York: How about some love for Brothers & Sisters
Gladly! I'm hearing there will be a wedding at the end of this season! But not necessarily the most traditional kind as opposed to the commitment-ceremony-ish kind. Gee, did I give away which Walker it might be? Yee!

Jenna from Las Vegas:  I love the show Eli Stone, but Eli seriously needs to get some lovin' soon! Please tell me there is a girl in his future?!
Fret no more! It looks like Beth, the V-card stealer from the pilot, will be back by the March 27 episode, but which Stone is she there for? Hmmm... Also, someone else in that episode, titled "I Want Your Sex," will be getting some serious lovin', and I didn't completely hate the idea of it, but you might!

David from San Diego: More Eli Stone please!
There's going to be a new twist on the visions as Eli will be flashing back, in his brother's shoes, to his past in order to find out more about his father's death. That should be depressingly interesting. Also, Eli may be on the way to recovery through a tricky procedure that is clearly dangerous. As Eli points out, "It's just like getting your appendix out...if your appendix was buried deep in a vital part of your brain."

Kristen Bell

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Anything on Lost?
For starters, I'll be heading out to Hawaii next week to hit the set and also the junket for Kristen Bell and Jason Segel's movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, so if you have questions for any of those friendly faces, email them to me at! I'm also hearing Evangeline Lilly has another Kate-centric episode coming up (holler!), which I think may work out to be episode 10. Also, for those of you wondering about her highlighted-hair look from the opening of Dominic Monaghan's photo gallery exhibit (stand by for much more on that!), it was a wig, yes, but she hadn't "pulled a Britney" and shaved her head, you silly ducklings. I saw her the night before while interviewing Dom, and it was just as brown and long and purty and real as ever.

Lost dish, please!
A little casting dish on the 11th episode: They're casting two teenagers (a boy and a girl) and a 5-year-old boy. And here's an interesting thing: The teenage girl needs to have red hair. Could it possibly be a flashback for Charlotte? Hmmm...

Dylan Walsh, Nip/Tuck

Mark Seliger / FX

Rachel from Seattle:  Please tell me Sean McNamara will be coming back to Nip/Tuck. He can't actually be dead?!
Mr. McNamara (aka Dylan Walsh) says he will be just fine. Walsh pointed out, "On Nip/Tuck, there are miracles that happen all the time. People have major surgery and no scars. So I imagine Sean McNamara will just jump right up from that, wipe the blood off and go to the gym." I certainly hope so!

Carly in Huntsville, Ala.:  Is Psych coming back?
Sure is! And we have more deets on Shawn's long-missing mommy: She's a sexy psychologist in her mid-50s who bounces back and forth between doing work for the Santa Barbara Police Department and living abroad. But this season, she'll be hanging out with her son and stirring up some issues. OK, start the dream-casting derby. Who's the funnylady for this part?

Brian in Boca Raton, Fla.:  I'm so glad Life got picked up for another season! Any scoop?
They're adding a new cop to the team: Capt. Brian Tidwell. I'm hearing he's a rough-around-the-edges hottie. Apparently he's got a thing for sports betting, whiskey and women. Sounds like the guy is a bit of a mess, but in the most endearing sort of way. 

Nina in Wilmington, Del.:  Did you watch Reaper on Thursday? I can't believe Sam's girlfriend is such a psycho freak! She hid it well.
Before I answer: How great was last week's episode? So. Freaking. Good! I hope that show sticks around, because I laughed my ass off at that whole sock/mom storyline. Just amazing writing and acting from top to bottom. Anyway, Sam's girlfriend is a total freak—and getting even more freaky. But don't worry—I don't think she'll be around much longer. Instead we'll be seeing a couple of new girls on the show. One will be in her early 20s and sounds perfect for Sam with her wicked sense of humor and mixed martial-arts skills. The other is a Canadian "immigrant" (the show actually shoots in Canada) in her 30s who starts working at the Bench and is in need of a serious makeover!

Christina Applegate, Samantha Who


Kayla in Washington, D.C.: Anything on Samantha Who?
Sam will suspect her madre, the wonderful Jean Smart, of cheating on her dad when the show returns! I wouldn't put it past 

Karina in Akron, Ohio: I hear we'll be celebrating Betty's birthday when Ugly Betty comes back.
Yup, and at the hottest new restaurant in New York, no less!

Robbie in Binghamton, N.Y.:  What can you tell me about Ted's new girl Stella (besides the fact that she's being played by Sarah Chalke and that Britney Spears is her receptionist)?
She has a very tight-knit group of smart girlfriends who are going to put Ted through the ringer.

Gracie in Chambersburg, Pa.:  What will Gabrielle be up to when Desperate Housewives comes back?
Dealing with her blind honey! And don't think Miss Thing will be the overly supportive type. I'm hearing something about her returning Carlos' Seeing Eye dog, because it doesn't fit in with their lifestyle! Though that may have something to do with the fact that Carlos is not completely up front with her about his condition.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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