David Archuleta

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We reporters finally got the chance to get our grubby little hands on this year's American Idol contestants—and, apparently, hump them.

Such was the case at last night's big Top 12 soiree at the Pacific Design Center in Hollywood, as Fox's publicity peeps let the Idol contestants who made it into the Lucky Dozen face the press for the first time...And comedian Bobby Lee of MadTV (a Poway High alum—holler!) promptly lept across the arrivals-line barrier where he was conducting interviews to literally hump Ramiele Malubay. It was so wrong...and so funny.

Kristy Lee Cook, American Idol Season 7

Kevin Winter/FOX

Also suffering an Idol crush? Thomas Dekker (the boy who saves the world on Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and the boy who lost his gay on Heroes) admitted he has a thing for Kristy Lee Cook and thinks she's "hot." (It should be noted that he has a girlfriend and she later told me she has a boyfriend, but so what? Kristy, this dude is going to save the world. Get on board now!)

Danny Noriega, American Idol Season 7


For the record, Ramiele had no idea what hit her, but was a good sport...And trying to hold it together after the loss of her "closest friend" during the competition, Danny Noriega. (I teared up a little when he got the boot, too...You?). "I feel good, though," she said, "knowing that he'll be coming to the show and sitting in the audience and supporting me." Awww...

Oh, and speaking of "Awww," you should know that David Awwwrchuleta is literally the most unflappable ray of smiling sunshine I have ever laid eyes on. The kid never stops smiling. Never! I'm convinced he may be the latest version of those cute, mechanical robot-dogs and if so, I want a model. That boy is straight-up adorable.

When asked how he feels about all the glowing praise being heaped on him, and how he's the favorite, David just blushed and said, "Oh, I don't know about that!" But clearly, Awwwrchuleta is the favorite, and his competition knows it: Michael Johns, Brooke White and Amanda Overmyer all picked him to win, and Jason Castro said, "It's pretty much the David Archuleta show." (For the record, not a one of them sounded bitter, which was sweet.)

David Hernandez, American Idol Seaon 7

Kevin Winter/FOX

Oooh, but the most fascinating moment of the whole Idol party? Watching David Hernandez dodge every reporter's question about the press coverage on his life as a stripper at a gay club. Clearly, the guy was thoroughly coached by some publicity type (all the contestants were) beforehand, and he gave each and every media outlet the same response:  "I haven't really seen it. I've been so busy making song choices—Idol keeps you so busy!" When "the pictures" of him were brought up, he did crack for a second and say, "They weren't even bad pictures!" and then looked to the Fox publicist standing next to him, pleading for help with his eyes. Still, I gotta say, I like the guy. He's got chops.

Amanda Overmyer, American Idol Seaon 7

Kevin Winter/FOX

Also surprisingly likable and real is Amanda, who explained that she's not smiling when Simon flatters her because she's trying to soak in every word the judges are telling her. "It's just three opinions, but it's three very experienced opinions. I'd be a fool to not care about what they have to say." Good point.

What did you all think of the choices for Idol's Top 12? And who are you rooting for? Vote in the poll and comment below!

—Reporting by Korbi Ghosh

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