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Tonight we reunite with Marin Frist, her friends and the quaint little town of Elmo, Alaska, as Men in Trees returns for 11 new episodes.

This move to Wednesdays marks the fifth time-slot change in about a year, but creator Jenny Bicks is excited about this latest shuffle. “[It is] certainly a better place to be than Fridays! There are people who want to find the show again. Hopefully they will.”

Here's a little dish on what our Elmo pals will be up to during the next few months...

Jack:  Marin’s main man is still lost at sea, but die-hard fans (and celeb-romance followers) know James Tupper couldn’t possibly be a show casualty. “I have found that people are very upset when Jack and Marin aren’t together,” says series star Anne Heche. “It’s a credit to the writing. Everyone asks all the time. I love that people are so invested.” According to Bicks, Jack will be doing a lot of growing, overcoming his fear of relationships and the emotional scars he acquired with past love Lynn (Justine Bateman).

Patrick & Annie:  Still suffering from amnesia, Patrick explores who he is away from Annie, and it tears the couple apart. His journey to find himself takes him to New York, where he works for Jane. Meanwhile, Annie moves in another direction...with Ivan, the hot Croatian hockey player!

Buzz & Mai:  Buzz's growing gambling problem makes for a marriage in crisis. Mai will move in with—who else?—Celia! The unwelcome houseguest drives Patrick’s poor madre bananas and, consequently, closer to her supervisor squeeze.

Ben & Theresa:  It‘s babymaking time, but the couple encounter various complications. The hockey team—Ben's dream come true—is one of ‘em, as he spends a little too much time with the players.

Sara & Pastor Eric:  Their relationship continues to grow, though that pesky celibacy vow is still getting in the way. Thoughts of marriage will arise, though Sara is uncomfortable with the idea of sealing the deal before, you know, sealing the deal.

Cash:  The sexy nude dude is back in town, but he's certainly not in tiptop shape. The whole town, Marin included, comes together to help him with his health crisis.

Marin:  Our gal will complete her book over the course of these next 11 eps, which begs the question, why stay in Elmo when your initial reason for being there no longer exists?

Look for a guest appearance by Morgan Fairchild (she wants to buy Marin's life rights to play her in a movie!) and the return of Kelli Williams. Yes, Jack’s new friend is coming to Elmo, and we’re not quite sure how Ms. Frist will feel about it.

But don’t fret. Bicks assures us that fans of the show will be pleased with what goes on between Elmo’s favorite twosome this season...

—Reporting by Korbi Ghosh

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