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If all the celebrity meltdowns lately have taught us anything, it's that everyone makes mistakes, everyone has a breaking point and everyone needs a little help from time to time.

And that is why we here at Watch with Kristin are bonding together to form an intervention for, um...you.

Wait! Please sit down and listen. This comes from a loving place. And you are surrounded by friends who care about you (see photos above).

We have reason to believe you are most likely engaging in behavior that is unhealthy, destructive and irresponsible—and must be stopped for your own good. That behavior is this: You have not been watching one of the best series on television, and now, thanks to people like you, that show is in jeopardy of cancellation (and you may have less than 24 hours to help save it).

Read on to make yourself better...

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This endangered series is not Heroes or The Office or 30 Rock or Lost, but rather NBC's phenomenal drama Friday Night Lights. (And the five people in the photo at top of this page are all self-proclaimed diehard fans of the show—plus, you know, the cute one in the bottom right-hand corner stars in it)

If you don't watch this series, here is our message of tough love: The last prestrike episode of Friday Night Lights airs tomorrow (Friday) at 9 p.m. on NBC. And if you don't watch, and tell everyone you know to watch, it's possible the series will be canceled and you will loathe yourself later when you realize how great this show was, and that you are partly responsible for its demise. We want to save you from that suffering! We want to save you from yourself!

You may be asking, "If this show is so good, why is it in danger of getting the boot?" Well, fans of this series know that Friday Night Lights is one of the best-written and best-acted productions ever to grace the small screen; however, due to a lack of support from the Peacock network (these quotes from NBC president Ben Silverman will make you shudder) and nightmare time slots (first against American Idol and now in the kiss-of-death slot on Fridays), this series has yet to garner the massive audience it so richly deserves.

(Further evidence of crap timeslot: According to Nielsen reports, Friday Night Lights scored the third-biggest jump of all prime-time series in its "live" audience vs. DVR playback within a week: about 38 percent. The fans just aren't home on Friday nights.)

So where do things stand? Reps for NBC Universal Television confirm that while the original order for the current FNL season was for 22 episodes, and they have only shot 15, the future of the series has yet to be determined. "The first question is whether they will finish out the seven episodes of this season," says a studio rep. "Which will be decided after we know when the strike will end. And then the second question is whether they will get picked up for a third season, which we will find out in May."

Other Peacock-net-savvy insiders are saying more alarming things—spanning from "I hear it definitely won't be back this season" to "I hear it definitely won't be back at all."

We say, nonsense! Even if the worst-case-scenario were true, Lazarus was raised from the dead, CBS saved Jericho, and Family Guy found a second life, too. So, we're keeping hope alive, and here's what you can do...

Friday Night Lights, Zach Giford, Taylor Kitsch, Gaius Charles

NBC/ Van Redin

Three Easy Steps to FNL Addiction/Salvation

1. Watch the Friday Night Lights Finale Tomorrow Night at 9 p.m. on NBC:  You don't have to know anything in advance. This is not Lost; there's no complicated mythology to learn. If you've ever been a person, known a person or wondered about becoming a person, you'll get Friday Night Lights.

2. Watch Other Episodes:  They are available on nbc.com's Episode Rewind or in the season-one DVD (a ridiculous $18.99 on Amazon.com for 22 episodes), and every single click and purchase counts. You don't even have to watch in order. If you just want to watch one to test the water, I recommend the season-one eps "Full Hearts" (Matt & Julie's first date), "Black Eyes & Broken Hearts" (I dare you not to cry at the end!), "Blinders" (the powder puff game), "Mud Bowl" (it's what it sounds like)...Hell, just watch one, and then good luck not watching them all.

3. Spread the Word!  Email this article to everyone you know who needs help in seeing the Lights! Let them know you are concerned for their own well-being and that you will help them do whatever it takes to get on board with this amazing show. Then wear your Panthers number 7 jersey with pride, try to keep your drool over Taylor Kitsch to a minimum, and remember...

"Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Cancel!"

Now get out there and start loving Friday Night Lights and spreading the word...Before it's too late.

(And send this article to a friend and Comment below, will ya?)

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