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A new era has begun on House!

The games are over, and House's new pet doctors are officially on the team. After last night's incredible ep—watched by 44 million eyeballs! (that's 22 million people, give or take)—we wanted to find out what's next for the newbies, so we chatted up Kal Penn (Dr. Lawrence Kutner), Peter Jacobson (Dr. Chris Taub) and Olivia Wilde (the mysterious 13).

They're all awesome and as funny as their TV boss, so read on to find out about the staff coup, the possibilities of romance and, most important of all, Kumar's answer to the most critical question of our time: What would NPH do?

Pick a Pack:  The selection process was as much a mystery to the baby docs as it was to us fans, but even though the TV docs were fighting tooth and nail for the gig, the competing actors kept it clean. Says Kal, "We would all get the scripts, turn to the last page...and that part was rough, because we all actually got along and someone had to get cut. I read the first script and I thought, Are we all going to compete with each other for this in real life, too? And we didn't, so it was nice." Olivia notes, "We all understood that being on one episode of House is a huge break for any actor. So, once we had done one, it was like, no one can complain, really. This is all good for all of us."

What's in a Name?  According to Kal, "Well, 13's name is a secret, but she is actually going to get a name. They just won't tell us what it is. Olivia might know." Olivia does know, but she's conspiring with the writers to keep it a secret until further notice: "The writers actually tried to hide it. It disappeared from call sheets and from around the set. But I like the fact that it's this inside joke between House and 13. He could easily look at her file and see her name, but he chooses to keep it up."

13-Point Triangle?  Despite what some of you have hoped, 13 is not going to become another point on the House-Cuddy-Cameron love triangle. Says Olivia: "I've seen some reviews where people were sort of speculating that there is romantic tension between 13 and House. And I never, ever picked up on that myself...At this point what I see between them is sort of a mutual respect between two very unorthodox and stubborn doctors."

Playing Well with Others:  Jacobson says they've spent most of their shooting time with Hugh Laurie, but "we just look forward to intermingling more. Plus, I'm really, really sick of Kal and Olivia. I'd like to move on, because they're untalented, no fun and a lot younger than me. I've made it very clear that I have no interest in acting with them." And they're ugly too, as you can see from the shot below of Olivia at the SAG Awards.

Olivia Wilde

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Head to Head:  I asked Jacobson about why or how Taub is so willing to take on the great and terrible Dr. Gregory House. He tells me: "I think the age thing has a lot to do with why Taub has no problem standing up to House. Actually, speaking of standing up, you know, I've noticed my bald spot in every shot. Can't help it, I'm like a foot shorter than the whole cast. But Taub's older, he's been around. He had a whole practice of his own, and he's an established doctor. All that stuff works toward him really having his own sort of special rapport with House as an experienced doctor."

Spoilers!  The new kids were all perfectly tight-lipped about what's coming down the pike for the show, but I did get one little tease out of Jacobson: "There's nothing I can tell you, well, except the fact that I depose House and become the head of the department. I can't think of anything other than that." Princeton-Plainsboro coup d'état? Awesome.

"What Would NPH Do?" Harold & Kumar 2 Poster

New Line Cinema

The Quest for the White Castle:  Okay, so Kal, last question: What would NPH do? "Oh, what wouldn't NPH do?"

Well put, my friend. Now comment below with your thoughts on House's new ducklings and last night's ep.

—Additional reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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