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Jericho is coming back!

In case you haven't heard, the fans went nuts, sent in some nuts, and now the show returns next month on Tues., Feb. 12 to CBS. That seems like waaay too far in the future, so to tide us fans over, my cohort in crime Jennifer Godwin (something of a Jericho nut herself) tracked down the producers to get us a little preseason scoop.

Check out a little of what she learned below...but before we get to that, I have to tell you my favorite tidbit from the set is that Jericho shoots on the old Beverly Hills, 90210 stages, and if you look at the front door from the right angle, and squint a little, you realize, hey, this is the Peach Pit After Dark! Yes, we go clubbing so you don't have to, kids. Now here's what you can expect from season two...

8 Things You Should Know About Jericho

  1. According to executive producer Carol Barbee, because of the seven-episode order, this season of Jericho is "all A-story." Indeed, the first three eps move at a very rapid and satisfying pace. If you're more in it for the characters than for the plot, don't worry, there are also some lovely developments for at least two beloved citizens of Jericho.
  2. The grim, gray look of yesterseason has been traded out for a shiny, new, cleaned-up Jericho, Kansas. According to producer Karim Zreik, season two "shows the town in a new light."
  3. Jake and Emily (Skeet Ulrich and Ashley Scott) are together, and they're very happy. The Jakeless Heather, however, is present, accounted for and turning into quite the hero.
  4. Daniel Benzali's (Homeland Security honcho Thomas Valente) passing resemblance to Dick Cheney is not an accident. We'll also meet another important politico.
  5. Even though her contract was not renewed, Pamela Reed will be back as Gail Green. Look for her to appear in one episode in the latter half of the season.
  6. After the departure of Gerald McRaney (the late, great Mayor Johnston Greene), there was, said Barbee, "a vacuum of awesomeness that had to be filled." Esai Morales fills that vacuum as a new local authority in charge of awesome, no-nonsense problem solving. Based on what I saw in the first three eps, I think you'll find he makes a superb addition to the series.
  7. When asked about promoting the show on air and online in hopes of bringing in new viewers to the show, producer Jon Turteltaub said, "The Internet is the best friend this show has." Hey, we're on the Internet! That means we're BFF with Jericho. Cool! The producers all agree that the Nuts! Campaign and the fans' ongoing online involvement in the show made the difference in keeping the show alive. Indeed, when the Nuts! Campaign started, folks at the network called producers begging them for help "quelling the riot," reporting that the hundreds of emails they were receiving in support of the show made it impossible to get any work done. As you know, the rioting continued, unabated, because producers refused to help the network cancel their show. Good work, team!
  8. Stay tuned for the finale, episode seven, said producer Turteltaub. "Episode seven is worth watching even if you haven't watched the first six." According to producers, the blockbuster season-ender offers closure to fans—just in case the series is not renewed—but also opens the door to a new challenge in season three.

Want more Jericho dish? Check back next Monday for the spoiler chat! Meanwhile, vote in our love triangle poll and post your thoughts on season two in the Comments below!

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—With reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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