Tim Kring, you smart cookie!

Last night's Heroes brought to us the biggest death so far of the series (don't worry, I won't reveal who until after the break), but thanks to a minor shifting of the producers' original plan (more on that below), there is no hair pulling, weeping or rioting in the streets this morning. Bless you, Mr. Kring. Bless you.  

(By the way, there will be rallying in the streets today at 1:30 p.m. on Hollywood Boulevard near Cahuenga for those who support the Writers Guild...Swing on by if you have time. Team WWK will be there!)

In the video clip above, you can see what Masi says about his status on the show and how he's so glad to be out of 17th-century Japan and back with his buddies in coming episodes. (Yattai indeed!) Personally, I'm hoping we get happy Hiro back soon, 'cause I'm missing the comedic relief. You? Feel free to comment away below, along with what you thought of this episode.

Now, let's discuss what happened last night and what happens next! 

Heroes: Jack Coleman

Chris Haston/NBC


No Mo!  Mo, we've been trying to ignore the Internettish name-calling (D'ohinder, Mohinduh, et al.), but then you went native and shot HRG. You're off the Christmas card list.

Wise Choices:  Though I'm told it was not the original plan, whichever writer-producer of "Cautionary Tales" made the choice to include HRG's resurrection in this episode (versus the next one or the one after that) is a wise and thoughtful creature, because this-here morning after? Damn, that would have been an ugly scene. Thanks for saving us all the fuss (and the body armor)!

Nakamuras Rule:  Kaito and Hiro Nakamura finally made peace with each other, just in time for...sniffle. Oh, Kaito, may you return in many flashbacks to come. Meanwhile, your son is going to be carrying on your high standard of awesome. Worry not. (He also does a dead-on impersonation of you, should the need arise.)

Oh, Bennet:  Love that Bennet knows Elle's power exactly and is absolutely prepared to bend it back on her. "Did you pack Mr. Muggles' doggie bath yet?" You know, in the end, Mr. Muggles will surely turn out to be the boss of us all.

See You on the Other Side:  Loved the little musical emphasis as Claire and Elle crossed paths in that parking lot. That moment won't be the last we see of those two going head-to-head. Also, poor Elle—all mind -wiped and screwy. She got a raw deal.

Daddy Issues:  Elle's character gained a lot of depth in this episode, in part because we saw her life in light of the contrasting Claire-Noah and Elle-Bob daughter-father relationships. Noah and Bob are both flawed fathers, but Noah gives as a parent, while Bob primarily takes. Elle seems to be realizing the downside of this as a lifestyle choice. Claire and Noah save each other; will Elle and Bob destroy each other?

Mama Drama:  Mrs. Petrelli has a secret, and there's some honor left in her, too. Interesting that it's the formerly mild-mannered Parkman who breaks her after all these years. He's become the Stinkerbell-Mindfreak combo he feared and loathed so fiercely early last season. (Also, just on the topic of semihonorable antiheroes, can Jack Coleman and Cristine Rose do some scenes together sometime? Pretty please? Those two reek of awesome.)

The Effects Imbalance:  I know TV shows in general have a hard time living up to the effects standards set by those danged major motion pictures, but the weird thing with Heroes is how sometimes they get it right, and sometimes...not so much. The bullet impact into Noah, Noah's eye healing, Hiro's frozen-in-time identification of his father's killer and Elle's distance shot at Claire and West were all four outstanding. Any electricity effects on or around Elle's body were less than convincing, and the flying scenes are downright, well...goofy. (That scene with West "abducting" HRG had to be a career lowlight and awwwkward for poor Jack Coleman!) I know getting even one of these right is the work of many good minds, but perhaps a cutback in the number of effects per episode would help? Or simply more mindpowers like Niki's, Micah's, Matt's, the Haitian's and the mechanic's from last season?

West:  So, maybe West is not a total stalker. But...I'm waiting for a notary to sign off on his good-guyness before certifying. I still feel like there's something a little fishy with him. Good guys just don't fly like that. Also, if he flies and Claire's daddy flies, and we've seen that superpowers are handed down through the generations, what are the chances she's kissing her cousin? I'm just sayin'!  

Zachary Quinto, Heroes

Mitchell Haaseth/NBC


Two More Heroes Die!  One may stick; one may not. You could cry...You probably won't.

Mohinder Gets a New Power!  It comes in the form of a lovely little syringe, and it goes by the name of resurrection. Wonder if he'll set his sights on bringing back Stinkerbell or D.L.? Or hey, what about his Daddy, hmmm? 

Sylar and Elle Square Off!  See, there is a Santa Claus! Elle tries to do her dad proud by stepping in to save the day...at a most inopportune time for Mohinder and his newfound abilities.

Don't Blink!  Maya and Sylar are on the lightning-fast road to an episode of Jerry Springer. They hook up, he does bad things, it's over before it even begins and we are going to have less of a chance of more Zachary Quinto shirtless. Hmph.

So, what did you all think of this episode? And who are you hoping will bite the dust next? Vote and comment below! 

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