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You made Tina angry. What kind of monsters are you? Please fix it.


Team WWK

Now, your regularly scheduled chat, which addresses your (many) strike-related Q's and much more...

Vee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin: This strike is breaking my heart. Why doesn't the shadowy organization on the other side of the table realize how critical the writers are? I can’t see the good in this at all, and I want my stories!
As TV genius Tim Minear said on his fansite when asked about the strike, "Strike. Sigh. I keep telling everyone I want to picket with a blank sign. Hundred of writers with blank signs—says a thing, doesn't it?"

Holly in Kansas City, Kansas: Is there anything the average viewer can do to show support for the writers' strike?
That's a great question, and here are two answers: (1) If you're in SoCal or New York, you could visit the picket lines to show support for the writers. Also, if you are a fan of one particular show or another, and you visit the picket lines, please don't be afraid to wear your I ♥ McDreamy T-shirt or dress up as a Viper pilot, or make a fan picket sign of your own—it would really illustrate how shows connect to audience members. (2) If you're located out of town, you can send a letter to the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) at 15503 Ventura Boulevard, Encino, CA 91436, letting them know how you feel. Here's a third answer: (3) You tell me: Do you support the writers? Do you have any ideas on other creative ways to show support? If so, post 'em in the Comments below.

Rod in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil: I believe this is a fair question to ask you (but not the writers). They go on strike, but that doesn't mean they stop writing, does it? They just stop delivering scripts and ideas, but maybe this time could be used to mature ideas and even in the writers' own benefit. Do you know if any of that is true? I don't think any writer would answer that on the record, but...
Bom dia, Rod! They actually have answered, and quite brilliantly, in the Pencils Down Means Pencils Down ad the WGA placed in Variety. You'll note it's signed by everybody who's anybody, not to mention everybody we love. 

Duhamelsmine12: Quick question: Are there any TV shows that do not have WGA writers? Or do you have to be a member of the WGA to get a show on air?
Scripted comedies and dramas are created and covered under guild agreements. If you are hired to write on one of these shows, you must already be a WGA member or must become one if you were not previously (because you were a writer's assistant, or what have you). In short, TV as we know it is shutting down.

Nona in Livonia, Michigan: Dirty Sexy Money is my new favorite show!
You're not the only one. Word is the hot Halloween costume for couples up in San Fran last weekend was Patrick Darling and his lady, Carmelita!  Don't you just love it when TV stuff creeps into popular culture so quickly?! And by the by, in other H'ween fun, I heard Dave Annable and Matthew Rhys showed up to the Brothers & Sisters set in costume: Dave as guy on a Wheaties box and Matt as mustard. Um, could you love them any more? Meanwhile, my hubby and I made good use of Wentworth Miller's wedding gift: Matching his and hers prison jumpsuits, which, no joke, were a huge hit in Hollywood among Prison Break fans, and real-life ex-cons and cops!

Mariana in Lake George, Michigan: Ugly Betty! Ugly Betty!
Did you see the show's genius marketing campaign in the New York Times?!

Corenda in Philadelphia: Is Side Order of Life being renewed for another season?
Checked with the network if there is any news for you and heard back, "No decisions have been made yet." Sorry, kiddos.

Tyler in Boston: I really miss The New Adventures of Old Christine—is it ever coming back?
Yes! We checked on this for you and, according to the network, there is "no potential date yet [but] it's set for midseason." The strike should guarantee a lot of these midseason series will air.

Mike in Davis, California: Not sure if people noticed this, but I was just rewatching the "We're Not From Here" ep of HIMYM and noticed in the "flash-forward" of Marshall and Lily in 2029, there's a newspaper article framed behind Marshall reading "NYC Lawyer Captures Nessie"—looks like Marshall finally found the Loch Ness Monster! That was a cute little gag.
Love it!

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Francis in Ohio: Any scoop on Brothers & Sisters?
Just that it's gonna get even better in coming episodes! Justin's hookup with Lena last night does not turn into a long-term thing: She's out as of the 11th episode. (I'm told producers considered keeping her longer but ultimately decided against it.) Also, there's an amazing episode that deals with Justin's rehab. Yes, you heard me right—he's heading for Narcotics Anonymous, and I hear there's a scene that had the entire crew in tears as he was shooting it! Awww, love that Annable, I do. (P.S.: Wonder if Justin will see Dexter at any of his NA meetings? I smell a good crossover!)

George in Miami: Will we see Jason McCallister (the priest) again on Brothers & Sisters? I like him!
And so does Matthew Rhys! He tells me his onscreen flame Jason is expected to return in the 11th episode...but according to my batphone, that was the episode scheduled for shooting this week. So, there's no saying when we might actually see it. Hmph. Dang strike.

Nancy in Sonoma, California: Can you tell me anymore about Chevy Chase’s character on Brothers & Sisters?
Let's ask that Q of Mr. Chase himself. Okay, just did. Here's what he says: “I’m playing an old flame of Sally’s from high school who went to Canada because he didn’t want to go into the Vietnam War. Turns out now, all these years later, he lives about 12 miles away from her and teaches history to high school students.” He also tells me his character is a bit of a pot smoker. Look for Chevy to appear in at least two episodes this season. 

Jaques in Paris, France: Give me a hint on the next Hero to die! Is it a big one?
No. But the second death (at the hands of Mohinder) might make you crap yourself. It's a huge, huge, well-loved character...So well-loved that you can't possibly think for a moment this death will stick! By the by, did you all catch our brother network G4's new Heroes Post Show? It airs on Saturday nights at 11. Check it! 

Gennifer in Indiana: I can't help but think something is off with Dexter's new girlfriend. Am I right?
So, so right. The next episode is out of this world, and has two shocking moments: A climax of the Dexter and Doakes drama that will have you squealing (he's leaving the force!) and a freaky-ass arson fire that will show you just how freaky-ass Dex's new flame is! (Personally, I'm a little sad, 'cause I like the idea of Dex meeting an equal who can love him and help rehabilitate him...You?)

Sarah B in Kent, Ohio: Ugly Betty! Ugly Betty!
Wilhelmina's younger sister joins the show later this season! We're told her name is Dominique, and though she's a beautiful and fun-loving party girl, she's got a sordid past.

Sara in New York: I love Morgan on Chuck! Any scoop?
Things are getting serious between Morgan and his Buy More coworker Anna. In an upcoming episode, Morgan has dinner with Anna’s conservative parents—and not everything goes as planned.

Sarah in Colton, California: I love Adam Baldwin to pieces. Any scoop about John Casey on Chuck?
As a matter of fact, we'll be flashing back to Casey's spy-boy past and his war-zone love affair with a gorgeous photojournalist named Isla. He thought she was dead, she's alive, she's not what she seemed to be, hijinks ensue. 

Kate in Dexter, Michigan: Desperate Housewives is one of my favorite shows once again! Can you lay some scoop on me?
I'm hearing one of our Wisteria Lane friends enters drug rehab this December and remains there for quite some time. Guesses?

Jake in Petaluma, California: Any Pushing Daisies scoop?
Ned, Emerson and Chuck are after a serial killer who sticks the deceased bodies inside snowmen. Even the serial killers are cute on this show!

Eliza in Amherst, Massachusetts: What can I look forward to on the new show Samantha Who?
We learn lots more about Samantha's past—in flashback. They're casting for a young Samantha to throw tantrums and be a rumor-mongering tramp, circa 1990. Hey, how about using vintage Kelly Bundy footage?

Claire in Lafayette, Louisiana: Anything on 30 Rock?
All we're going to say about this week's "Greenzo" ep is that (1) David Schwimmer is genius casting, and (2) there just aren't enough humanure jokes on TV. And yes, humanure is a real word, but no, you don't want to look it up. That said, yay compost!

Jesse in Augusta, Maine: Smallville scoop?
Sources tell me a recurring character bites the dust later this season, and the character stays dead.

Rio in Seattle: I've heard an Office rumor about Toby putting the moves on Pam. Please tell me this is not true.
Isn't Toby sort of always putting the moves on Pam? I don't think you have anything to worry about on that front in general, but you'll be especially safe for this week's episode, during which Toby and Michael are the hate-hate couple to watch, after Ryan holds a wilderness retreat and invites Toby but not Michael. Hee.

Molly in Sacramento, California: Anything on my fave, Friday Night Lights?
This weekend's "Let's Get It On" was one of the best FNLs ever, if you ask me. That's one show that seems to be avoiding a sophomore slump. As for the future, FNL recently put out a casting call for a midseason episode, seeking extras to fill background at "a house party with some guys who have just gotten out of a juvenile detention center. There will be images of drinking and smoking, with implied drug use and sexual activity...Tattoos are a plus!!!" Sounds like a continuation of Lyla's convict-love-interest storyline...

Jackie in Fairfield, Connecticut: October Road is coming back!
Yup, and we meet Hannah's (Laura Prepon) parents this season. I'm hearing they're casting a couple of familiar faces for the parts!  

Nicole in Lansing, Michigan: Supernatural?!
Dean and Sam will be spending some time in the slammer, and to make matters worse, one of the Winchester boys will be shot. Also, look for some body-snatching demons to terrorize a small town. 

Robbie in Berkeley, California: How great was Nip/Tuck this week?! I feel like it's gonna be a really good season. What's coming up?
There's a rumor floating around that Christian has fathered another kid, and we believe it to be true! Word is she's the result of a college spring break fling back in the '80s! 

Tama in Ashland, Oregon: Anything on Bones?
As you may have heard, John Francis Daley is joining the cast permanently, and by midseason he'll be fully in the mix, assisting in suspect interrogations and working up psych profiles. This turns out to be especially useful when Booth gets himself an admirer/stalker. Wonder what Brennan will have to say about that? I'm also hearing producers are planning an American Idol-themed episode. In fact, they're currently searching for former Idol finalists who are interested in guesting on the show!

Annabelle in Syracuse, New York: Thank you for answering my question last week! Now, you said Simon Elder has someone special in his life. Can you elaborate please? I'm loving Dirty Sexy Money!
We're told Simon's ex-wife is still very much a part of his world and may figure into the storyline in some significant way. We should meet her around the end of this month.  

April in Los Angeles: Dirty Sexy Money is awesome, but I'm still not sure how Tripp has forgiven his wife for cheating on him all those years! She got off too easy!
Not so fast. We're hearing Nick may accidentally bring a new lady into Tripp's life through an upcoming charity project. She is accomplished, attractive and altruistic—and definitely turns Mr. Darling's head.

Mona in Sebastopol, California: Anything on any of the CSIs?
We meet Horatio Caine's baby mama in episode 12 ("Raising Caine"), when said baby mama is suspected of murdering her husband. Yay! Baby-mama drama!

Allyson in Brownsville, Texas: Loving Women's Murder Club. Any scoop?
In this Friday's ep, a pregnant woman in labor goes missing, and Lindsay goes all growly mama-bear while trying to find the woman in time to save her and her baby. This leads to revelations about Tom and Lindsay's past, and then Tom comes over and...stuff happens. But we're siding with Jill on this one: Tom's not doing the right thing. It's way juicy.

Maria in Marietta, Georgia: Anything on that Minnie Driver show, The Riches?
The family has some trouble with eldest son Cal this season. We're hearing he rejects his parent's new way of life and runs away with Travelers!

Kayla from Dallas, Texas: I need some Law and Order: SVU scoop!
Apparently this November, the "V" in SVU apparently stands for violent. Look for a pizza bomb, a stabbing, a blinding and a car wreck that puts Stabler's unborn baby in danger. Can't we all just get along?

Sari in West Haven, Connecticut: I know Big Brother ended last month, but I'm dying to know if Nick and Daniele are really together. It seemed like they genuinely liked each other, but I know she had that boyfriend...
Daniele dumped the b-f for Nick. After the show finished, he moved out to California for her, and they're currently living together. In fact, Korbi spotted them at the Bee Movie premiere last weekend!  

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin, Michael Berner and Marisa Roffman

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