Bryan Fuller, Pushing Daisies


Hey, tubers! Have I got a lip-smackingly delicious treat for you: the Pie Maker's...Maker!

This week, there were so many questions regarding Pushing Daisies—the fandemonium is most definitely spreading, which makes the birdhouse in my soul sing!—that I decided to take a few of them to the guy who created and runs the show: Mr. Bryan Fuller. Not only is he one of the most creative storytelling minds of our generation (in my humble and always correct opinion), he also doesn't bat an eye when asked to clear up a few things for the fans. You gotta love that, no?

E! Personalities, Joel McHale

I also personally gotta love that Fuller cast my dear friend Joel McHale (host of E!'s The Soup) as a murdered polygamist in the Daisies ep that airs Nov. 14. (More on that closer to the airdate.)

Per usual, we'll also be digging into scoop on Heroes, Gossip Girl, Scrubs and Dexter, but first, please welcome our special chat guest Bryan Fuller!

Samuel in Austin, Texas: Will Paul Reubens be back on Pushing Daisies? I know they recast his original role, but I'm hoping he will show up on the series later on. He's great.
Bryan Fuller:
Howdy, Sam! Paul is back on the set this week, and he's fantastic. The crew loves him, and he keeps everything light and easy. We introduce Paul's character in the seventh episode to air, and you'll see a lot more of him in the back nine episodes.

Megan in Salem, Massachusetts: Kristin Chenoweth and Ellen Greene singing "Birdhouse in Your Soul" was my favorite part of this week's Pushing Daisies. Any chance we'll get some more singing in upcoming episodes?
Hey, Megan! I'm so glad you like our minimusical numbers. The next time we have singing will be in an episode called "Smell of Success" that I believe airs in November and features Ellen Greene covering Cat Stevens.

Lanaya in Fort Myers, Florida: Hey! I love, love, love Lee Pace and Pushing Daisies. But I am a teensy bit confused. Does the show take place back in the day or is it just quirky like that? I adore this show and am sooo glad it got picked up for a whole season!
Hi, Lanaya! We exist in Pushing Daisies time, which is essentially now with a caveat or two. We want the show to have a timeless quality to maintain the fairy-tale feel, which is why you'll see cars from the '60s and '70s mixed in with modern-day jobbies like the Prius.

Katie in Spokane, Washington: On Pushing Daisies, sometimes when Ned touches living people they don't die. It's happened at least four times in the first four episodes. Why doesn't Ned always kill living people when he touches them?
Hey, Katie! Yay, Spokane! I grew up in eastern Washington. Ned's life-giving touch only affects the dead. He can touch anything alive without consequence. So basically the one woman he wants to be with is the only woman he can't touch.

Marie in Manila, Philippines: Hi! Does Chuck's touch not count when she touches Ned's clothes? Okay, P.D. fanatic going overdrive! Well, please lemme know what you think! My heart just about stopped when I saw her touching his clothes.
Hey, Marie! The touch thing has to be flesh to flesh. So, Chuck can hold Ned's hand or dance with him or even kiss him as long as there is some kind of barrier preventing their skin from connecting. Thanks for your questions!

And thanks to Bryan for being made of 100 percent awesome! Now, back to your regularly scheduled chattery...

John Krasinski, The Office

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Becky in Forest, Virginia: I heard a terrible rumble of a spoiler about my all-time favorite show in the entire world: The Office. Please tell me Karen doesn't throw a wrench in the works for Jam. I heard she comes back and causes problems. Thanks!
It's true, she's back this week. If you haven't seen the first of our Office Week videos, check it out. Tomorrow is Joss Whedon (oh yeah), John and Rashida dish about Karen's return come Wednesday, and Thursday is a full-fledged preview of "Branch Wars." And as for Karen, she's not too wrenchy. I have a hunch Jam's gonna be okay!

Bea in Detroit: Me want Office.
Ya'll saw Dwight's Halloween blog post about werewolves, right? It's all genius, but our favorite part is, "I put no credence in the theory that a human can change into anything other than a decomposing human." I want to have his babies.

Julie in Huntington Beach, California: OMG, Kristin, I just heard a rumor from a friend that Life was canceled! Is that true?! I hope not—I love seeing Damian Lewis on my teevees! Hope you'll be able to tell me it's not true. [Fingers crossed.]
I totally freaked out at what your friend said, so I did a little investigating and come bearing good news! According to a rep for the network, "The rumors are not true!" Yay, here's to a long and happy Life. (Airing Wednesday nights on NBC!)

Deborahann in Corning, New York: I was looking through the pictures of TV stars out and about on your site, and I read "If you liked Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts on Josh Schwartz's The OC, you'll love her as cutie-pie Lou on Schwartz's newest project, Chuck." What?! She isn't going to take Chuck away from Sarah, is she?!
Sounds like a perfect question for Chuck and Gossip Girl boss Josh Schwartz, who's coming into Watch with Kristin headquarters this week to answer your questions! Make sure you send them in to

Kacin in Houston, Texas: Any news about the future of Jericho?
According to sources, CBS is looking at the Sunday 8 p.m. time slot for the seven new episodes of Jericho. That would put it opposite football, Fox's cartoon lineup and Extreme Makeover. Jericho previously aired on Wednesday nights. By the way, in case you didn't hear, reported that the show didn't pick up Pamela Reed's contract for season two.

Stefanie in Memphis, Tennessee: So, I know I probably shouldn't complain about a few extra minutes of my favorite shows, but this thing with shows running until 9:02 is really messing up my TiVo. What is the deal?
As far as we can tell, some DVRs can handle the time weirdness, and some just panic at the change and go limp like opossums. Korbi's and mine are two of the opossum ones, and we're losing our minds! We've noticed ABC and NBC are particularly guilty of this, and our sternly worded letter is in the works. We're also investigating hacking strategies, because we're illegal like that. Meanwhile, the DVR madness will get worse before it gets better: Nov. 8's Grey's is scheduled to run until 10:07! The humanity!

Catherine in Enid, Oklahoma: I'm so excited Scrubs is back!
So are we, and we've got lots of scoop in the spoiler section. However, even spoilerphobes should check out this Bill Lawrence video, in which the Scrubs show runner graciously requests your vote/viewing eyeballs.

Tracie from Madison, Wisconsin: Did any of the geeks keep up with their new look from Beauty and the Geek?
I just spoke with eliminated geek Luke, and he told me he still keeps up his new look, and has even begun to see a hair stylist periodically. Also, attention all Geeks: Casting is under way for the fifth season. You can find the audition dates and locations on the CW's Website.

Kyle: Could you ask Tina Fey what celebrity guest stars she has lined up for this season of 30 Rock
International multimedia phenomenon, Futurama head in a jar, Oscar winner, Emmy winner, popularly elected president of the United States and, oh yeah, Nobel frickin' Peace Prize winner Al Gore guests on the Nov. 8 ep of 30 Rock. You best be there. 

Rebecca in San Antonio, Texas: I have sent you several emails, and you never reply—are these even getting to you? Anyway, I would like to know some more about the hot new show Hot Shots! And also, does Michael Vartan have a girlfriend? Please reply...thanks.
Last I heard, Vartan was most definitely single. Wanna send me your number for me to pass on to him during my next late-night stakeout of his house? What? I'm a concerned member of the Neighborhood (Hottie) Watch! As for that fantastic show Hot Shots, I haven't heard of it, but it sounds divine! (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)
Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Sophie in Wismar, Germany: How long will Caitlin stay? I totally hate her relationship with Peter. By the way, hopefully Kristen Bell will be on Heroes for a longer time. Elle is such a great character!
I asked Kristen and the producers that very question while on set last week, and it looks like they are all trying to make it happen. Pleaseohpleaseohplease! How awesome would it be if they made her a regular?! As for Peter and Caitlin, you might want to shut your eyes for the next episode, as they travel to two different countries together. (Personally, I love them and will gladly take you on in a big fat sumo suit to settle this matter.)

Heroes, Kristen Bell

Chris Haston/NBC

Hannah in Albany, New York: What are the odds of a little Elle-and-Peter hookup on Heroes? (Come on, Jess and Veronica hooking up? Heaven!)
Yeah, except he might have a minor beef with her for, I dunno, (spoiler alert) wiping out his memory and sticking him in a crate or something. Not exactly high on the compatibility charts, according to the experts at (Check back later for the next Heroes Redux!)

Thomas in Des Moines: Why aren't you talking about Dexter? It's like the best show on television right now, and it deserves some love!
I couldn't agree with you more! This Sunday's episode signifies a major shift in personality and character for both Dexter, the man, and Dexter, the series, and I think you're gonna looove it. Also, it has a raw and savage sex scene that will make you wonder about Michael C. Hall's exact diet and exercise regimen. And when he says the line "not last night" to a certain someone, you'll gasp out loud!

Lewis in Miami: Any dish on Ugly Betty? It's my favorite!
And this week's episode is one of my all-time favorites because it is, as Henry puts it, "wicked awesome"! Betty and Henry are back and forth, up and down, on and off, but I think you'll like the ending. I got a bit verklempt myself! Also, Marc seems to have a new, bona fide boyfriend whom I kinda dig.

Pratt in Chicago: Scrubs was so good last week. So glad it's back! Can you tell me, is J.D. really gonna stay with Kim until the very end, like he said?
Of course not! As Zach Braff tells us, Elizabeth Banks is way too busy to stick around Scrubs all year. So, though J.D. is going to be a daddy real soon, the relationship with his baby mama is totally doomed. 

Eric in Springfield, New Jersey: Are J.D. and Elliott gonna end up together, or what?
Creator Bill Lawrence tells us this: "Zach always says there's no way you can satisfy everybody, because if you go on to our fansites there's a lot of people that want them together and then there's a lot of people that don't. I think the answer is right in the middle, which is what we pride ourselves on. This show was never a will-they-or-won't-they show. It was not Ross and Rachel or, you know, Moonlighting. And I think that if we were to end this series with Zach going to the airport to keep Elliot from flying away [Editor's note: Garden State references make me tingle], everybody would feel cheated, because that's not what this show has been about. It's been about all the relationships. That being said, Zach and Sarah have made people invested in this, so I am going to resolve it, but I'm not going to make that the end of the series. I think it'll happen before people expect it to happen. I put a lot of clues about what I'm going to do along the way. I think I've found a way through it that people will be satisfied." Yay! And whaaa? If anyone has any idea of these "clues" and what that sneaky Lawrence has been scheming, you tell me in the Comments section below, 'kay?

Lando in Kissimmee, Florida: Scrubs!
Nurse Laverne is dead and buried, but Aloma Wright does return, as Bill promised, as a nurse named Shirley. She will look slightly different, but not by much. The funny thing is that J.D. will be the only character who sees any resemblance whatsoever! Also, there are some great fantasy sequences coming up. There's one this year in which J.D. is wishing he could breast-feed his new baby and all the men have breasts. And later in the season, Kelso is getting fired!

Nip/Tuck, Julian McMahon

Prashant Gupta/FX

Carrie in Tacoma, Washington: Nip/Tuck starts tomorrow. Any news?
Christian's going to have a very hard time adjusting to life in L.A., while Sean flourishes. In episode two, Sean begins dating the female lead of the show within the show, Hearts & Scalpels, and his star just continues to rise. In fact, People's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors issue is about to come calling. In a sad attempt to try and reach Sean's level of L.A. notoriety, Christian whores himself out to Playgirl magazine, although I'm hearing he has a little trouble getting, um, excited, for the shoot. You don't see Julian McMahon doing that every day!

Kelly in Bloomington, Indiana: I know Nip/Tuck takes place in Hollywood now, but when will we get to see all the supporting characters? Are they off the show?
Liz is all up in the guys' business from minute one, so don't you worry about missing her. Julia shows up in the second ep...with Portia de Rossi! Matt and Kimber won't be far behind. 

Taylor in Wichita, Kansas: I love Chuck. Scoop, please!
In an upcoming episode, Chuck's flashes turn out to be inaccurate, causing a rift between Sarah and Chuck. I'm also hearing things are getting steamy between Morgan and coworker Anna. I'm told they are getting some action in the Buy More breakroom. Bow-chicka-bow-wow! Also, tonight's episode is nerd-tastic. Chuck loses the assistant manager job but gets the gratitude of the girl, and the girl is wearing Princess Leia's slave-girl outfit from Return of the Jedi. Meanwhile, Chuck and Morgan dress up for Halloween as the sandworm from Dune. Yay! Geeks rule!

Annie in Minneapolis, Minnesota: I love Friday Night Lights, it's easily the most entertaining hour on television. Any scoop on Riggins and Lyla? Might these two finally hook up again this season?
Dare to dream! I think yes, but not until closer to the end of the year. In the meantime, Riggins has to deal with getting kicked off the football team and then settling in with the Taylors, with whom he'll be living for a while. Lyla, meanwhile, becomes the cohost of a teen Christian talk-radio show, where she finds her cohost Chris more than a little attractive. In other news, Tami is going to have massive separation issues when it comes time to drop off baby Gracie at daycare. In fact, Tami walks into daycare the first day and walks back out with Gracie still in her arms. Maybe Riggs can babysit instead? 

Michelle in Washington, D.C.: What's going on with Dirty Sexy Money?
Jeremy isn't the only Darling twin who has romance brewing in his life. Sources tell me Juliet has a new love before the end of the year! Apparently, Samaire Armstrong's character soon has a vacation fling with a hot island native whom she just can't shake! I'm hearing his name is Kai and he travels to New York, where the two continue their love affair. 

Annabelle in Syracuse, New York: Blair Underwood's character is hiding something, huh? Can you tell us anything more about him?
Yes, Blair tells us it takes five or six episodes to really get to know Simon Elder. All I know is he isn't exactly a single guy. He has someone very special in his life, whom we should meet soon.

Amy in Renville, Minnesota: Do you have any info about Bones?
In an upcoming ep, while investigating a murder case, Bones gets a little sensitive when Booth notes that one of the female suspects "got around." Sounds like something's brewing. 

Men In Trees, Anne Heche

ABC/Jeff Petry

Therese in Windsor, California: Any Men in Trees scoop?
This week's episode is fantastic! Funny and real and fab. You must must watch this show in its new time slot at 8 p.m. on Friday on ABC. Also, further on out, I hear a certain New Yorker is getting a very special diamond ring from her special man in Elmo!

David in Kissimmee, Florida: Anything on The Riches?
For you, the world. Er, this tidbit: Dahlia accidentally spills her secret life to an officer of the law, and she's forced to create a legit life within one day. 

Natalie in Toronto: CSI!
All you animal lovers should probably skip the 10th episode of the season, wherein the team investigates abused pit bulls who are implicated in the death of a woman. There are some brutal dogfight sequences that the more sensitive among you might want to avoid. 

Starla in Chicago: Anything on House?
If you've been paying attention to media reports, you know already which three newbies House chooses (Kal Penn, 13 and the plastic surgeon), but if you actually just keep up with the show like a normal person, tune in to the last House episode during sweeps (Nov. 27) to see what happens when Cuddy forces House to just pick some, already. Also, during sweeps, the feds bring House a dangerously ill CIA agent, but of course they can't tell House anything about the patient, or they'd have to kill him.

Char in Darien, Connecticut: Loving all your Greek tidbits! Anything this week?
We meet Casey and Rusty's mom this coming season, and she might not be exactly what you'd expect. We're hearing she's a no-frills, no-fuss, gray-haired Midwestern gal who favors her son over her daughter. But she's also a bit of a meddler and might get in the way of both her kids on campus. We also get to know Dale's very annoying parents and Rebecca Logan's dad, the senator, who may be involved in some extramarital activities. 

Mari in Riverside, California: Dirt's coming back soon. Do you know if Holt McLaren's still gonna be on the show? He was my favorite character last season—so hot!
Yes, Holt definitely returns and is a part of the season-two storyline. I'm hearing we actually meet his father, who might have something in common with Mel Gibson's daddy.

Elizabeth Reaser, Grey's Anatomy

Scott Garfield/ABC


Amanda in Elkhart, Texas: Okay, so this has been driving me crazy! I think that Andrea Barber (Kimi on Full House) is the actress who plays Ava on Grey's Anatomy. Please tell me I'm right...
Ha! No! That's Elizabeth Reaser. But I love you. 

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin and Michael Berner

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