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Hey, tubers! You know how this works. You've got Q's, I've got A's. Let's make the magic happen. 

Jessalyn in New Orleans: Any word on Chuck? I love that show! It's my new fall favorite!
I've heard through the grapevine (possibly Josh Schwartz, possibly my manicurist) that the show is really ramping up the romance, and there will be plenty of squee-worthy moments in coming episodes. Oh, okay, I'll just do it now: Squee! Now, that's not to say you fellas won't have much to get giddy about, too. (Check out the spoiler section below.) Oh, and BTW, if you haven't been watching this show, will you please check it out, for moi? I'm wholeheartedly smitten and hear from many other fans who are, too.

Francesca in New Haven: Please tell me the rumors of Derek getting a love interest on Grey's aren't true! I don't think I can take it if that happens!
Then please don't read the spoiler section below.

Kate in Calabasas, California: I hate to admit it, but I'm in my 30s, and I love Gossip Girl. I do think the kids are a little out of control, though. I hope that doesn't get old (like me!). Will they ever calm down?

Penn Badgley, Gossip Girl

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Of course not! I've heard the show gets even more scandalous. (In fact, the Thanksgiving episode is called "Blair Waldorf Must Pie," and it has to do with her virginity.) And just so you can appreciate why the Gossip gang is sooo crazay (aside from the fact that it's lip-smackingly good TV), I'll let Penn Badgley explain: "All these kids, excluding my character, have this pressure on them to become their parents and to uphold all this wealth and the whole image that comes with that. It's something kids shouldn't have to deal with, and that's why they are so conflicted and torn, and they've got really awful personal lives. The ones that are having sex and doing the drugs and living the 'glamorous' lives will have to deal with the repercussions of that. The ones that have the most sex are the ones that feel the most empty." 

Courtney in Canton, Michigan: Thanks for the article on the guy who plays Dan from Gossip Girl! Can you tell me anything else about him?
Yup! Penn's craziest fan encounter so far: "One [girl] took the napkin that I was using at a restaurant. She grabbed it right after I got up, I guess, and then came up to me and had me sign it." Sorry about that, Penn. I get carried away sometimes.

Michael in Gary, Indiana: Am I crazy, or was The Office kinda serious last week?
It was pretty serious, but we still laughed our collective backsides off. Be aware, there will be more drama headed Scranton's way. I'm hearing Dunder-Mifflin gets caught up in a lawsuit later this season. Also, drumroll, please! Next week is officially Watch with Kristin's "Office Week," with castmember (and director Joss Whedon!) interviews every day, so watch for it.

Maria in Brookfield, Connecticut: I'm loving Friday Night Lights! I just started watching it this season, but I'm already hooked.
Yippee! FYI, if you wanna catch up on season one, the box set is on sale for less than $20!

Cassie in Toronto, Canada: Happy Halloween!
Happy early Halloween to you, too! What are you dressing up as? There is still time to make your very own Dwight Schrute bobblehead costume. I made one just to make out with.

Marvelle in Tennessee: It was so fun seeing you on Pushing Daisies! Any other scoop from the set?
I can tell you our beloved "Pooh," aka Chi McBride, has a butt double! Okay, so it really was only for that scene, because he was hanging out the window for so long. (They didn't want to keep Chi there until 7:30 a.m. like us sorry corpses, so his booty twin stepped in for the morgue scene.) Also, the entire cast and crew seems to have a crush on Lee Pace. It's a little shameless and hilarious, but totally understandable, right? Oh, and I almost forgot the best part: The Pie Hole is honestly the cutest set I've ever seen—not only do you feel like you're walking into a Strawberry Shortcake drawing, but the pies are real and everywhere! I had the best, most gluttonous time.

Natalie in Austin, Texas: Marin and Jack! Marin and Jack! Please give me something on Men in Trees.
Well, then, I will give you Marin and Jack, my friend! Ask and ye shall receive. I just watched a copy of an upcoming episode titled "I Wood If I Could" and have to tell you, it just might be my favorite episode of anything I've seen so far this season (well, okay, Mose on The Office aside). This show is truly fantastic and heartwarming—and even, in this episode in particular, laugh-out-loud funny—and I highly advise you all start watching! And as for Mar and Jack, let's just say that the Anne Heche and James Tupper chemistry is crazy hot (for good reason), and the storyline will most definitely head in a direction to take advantage of that. 

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross


Thomasina in Nebraska: Any word on Meredith and Derek? I'm so tired of the back and forth. Can they just get together or break up for good?
Now, what fun would that be?! Trust me, I feel your pain, but this is TV, and in the spirit of Sam&Diane/Ross&Rachel/Kristin&Stamos, things will get more complicated before they get any easier. Sources confirm to me that Lauren Stamile is most definitely a new love interest  for Derek/Patrick Dempsey, and she'll be sticking around for a while. I'm told she's pretty much the anti-Meredith (all the way around—looks and personality) and will make Derek somewhat conflicted. What do you guys think of this? Are you happy to have a third party spicing things up, or are you done with the Mer-Der ping-pong match? Comment below! 

Kelly in Boston: Josh Jackson on Grey's? Tell me the scoop!
Yes, who cares about Mer-Der when Pacey freaking Witter is coming to Seattle Grace? Bless you, Shonda Rhimes, bless you! Who wants to start a campaign to keep him on the show full-time?

Jason in New York: Any scoop on Heroes?
Let's see...Hmmm...Gosh, really nothing to report other than the fact that three series-regular characters will die before January. Is that, like, interesting? If it is, I guess you could comment below and try to figure out who's gonna die. 

Vita in Alexandria, Virginia: Kristen Bell joins Heroes tonight! What can you tell us?
It's awesome, isn't it? Kristen did a conference call last week and talked a little about Elle, saying, "I have a lot of information about Peter's past." According to Kristen, Elle enjoys her emotional power over other people. Heroes creator Tim Kring added that the show is tying Elle "into this Company we have talked about," and says Elle was raised by the Company. Can't wait. In other Bell-related news, the last-ever (hold me!) Veronica Mars season-three DVD drops tomorrow, and our Cool Stuff blog has the lowdown from Jen on the VM season-four presentation pilot, which is included in the bonus features. 

James in Boston: What's coming up on Heroes?
Boy genius Noah Gray-Cabey gets to show off his mad piano skills tonight—and his comedy chops, too. He tells Monica his suspicion that the powers "run in the family," revealing that D.L. could walk through walls, and he says, "Don't even get me started on my mom." Hee. Also, Peter finally opens his box of secrets!

Jason Segel, How I Met Your Mother

Monty Brinton/CBS

Nicole in Woonsocket, Rhode Island: How I Met Your Mother!
The third slap is coming soon! Right around Turkey Day, and let's just say Marshall delivers more than just the physical beating this time around. In fact, he's put quite a bit of thought, effort and creativity into this third installment. You'll see...

Jake in Madison, Wisconsin: You said Bryce would be back on Chuck. For real? That's awesome!
I know! And of course, it gives Chuck and Sarah a whole new dynamic, given all their complicated relationships and history. I also hear we find out why Bryce chose Chuck, and that a man from Bryce's past comes into the picture, and that he is eager to track down Chuck and Sarah. 'Twill. Be. Awesome. 

Teresa in Seattle: Anything on Gossip Girl or 30 Rock?
Funny enough, both! I'm told that Gossip Girl and 30 Rock shoot on the same lot, and the castmembers are always bumping into one another! I'm also hearing that Gossip's Chace Crawford, aka Nate Archibald, has been approached to appear on an upcoming episode of 30 Rock. Oh, the crossover possibilities are endless. I'm rooting for Tina Fey in a "B" and "S" catfight!

Janie in Memphis, Tennessee: I like Private Practice a whole lot. What are the chances of Addison and Pete or Violet and Cooper getting together anytime soon?
Can't make any promises about those guys, but in an upcoming ep, Sam begins to seriously question his decision to divorce Naomi. The team is investigating the spread of a contagious disease through a local abbey, and the situation of sequestered nuns still not being safe leads the Oceanside Wellness characters to question the benefit of their own romantic isolation. 

Emma in New York City: I'd like my pie maker à la mode, please. What's the scoop?
Oh, well done, Emma. Well done. Scoop, huh? Okay, episode seven of Pushing Daisies takes a page from Ryan Gosling's Lars and the Real Girl. Murder most foul is committed by a blow-up doll. Yep, you heard me.

The Starter Wife

Paul A Broben/USA Network

Christine in Coloma, Michigan: You've probably been asked this a thousand times, but why would USA make The Starter Wife a miniseries and not turn it into a regular TV series? It was one of the best things on this year—I'm sick of reality TV.
As you've no doubt heard, last week USA did pick up The Starter Wife as a 10-episode series! We chatted up Starter Wife writers Josann McGibbon and Sara Parriott at the WGA's Sublime Primetime event the week before the Emmys, and they were already working to get the series extended—with the original castmembers. Parriott said, "As many as we can. We talked to Joe [Mantegna] last night, and he said yes." He's now starring on CBS' Criminal Minds, McGibbon said, "but he promised he would cheat on them to be with us." Also, according to Parriott, they'd been hoping for a series extension since the show premiered: "We would go on boards, and people would be saying, 'It can't be over!' Are the executive producers reading? Do they know? And I wanted to say yes!" Congrats to everyone who got their Wife wish! 

Lisa in Chicago: Brothers & Sisters scoop, please.
I'm most concerned about the tease of a "major loss" for the family coming up. Eeek! What could it be? Tell me in the Comments. Also, Kitty and Senator McCallister are most definitely getting hitched, and it's gonna be a tearjerker, complete with the two writing their own vows. Plus, look for Chevy Chase's character to have a little run-in with the Secret Service. 

Kara in Ontario, California: Loving Women's Murder Club—any scoop?
In an upcoming episode, Lindsay is forced to confront the reality of Tom's new relationship when his kindergarten-teacher fiancée, Heather, brings her class to the precinct house for a field trip. Awkward! The good news is it later helps Lindsay solve a murder. You go, girl.

Jimmy Smits, Cane

Roberto D'Este/ CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Jackie in Birmingham, Michigan: Anything on Cane? I think it's a great show!
Glad you're digging it! The Duques are the victim of robbery later this year, after a few gang members follow Alex home.

Jennifer in Brownsville, Texas: OMG, the Mad Men finale! I'm gonna die waiting for next season. Any news?
Just what Matt Weiner says: "We will continue to learn Don's story, but you'll never really know anything about Don. Don is one of those people who is best understood in the moment." As for Miss Mom Peggy, I suspect she's giving the baby up for adoption. According to Elisabeth Moss, Peggy's totally isolated and/or in love with advertising, so I can't figure how she'll manage anything but surrendering her baby. As Moss told us recently, "She's dealing with her life the best she can, but she's dealing with people who aren't very nice to her, and she doesn't really have any friends." 

Tina in Chicago: What's coming up on Dirty Sexy Money?
Bellamy Young tells us, "Episode eight will be a defining moment for Ellen. It'll be good to watch. It's a secret—I can't say more, but yes, Ellen will take decisive action about the events at hand."
Medium, Patricia Arquette

Craig T. Mathew/NBC

Dana in Lake Charles, Louisiana: Can't wait for spring, because I'm really missing Lost, BSG and Medium. Anything on any of those?
In an upcoming ep called "Aftertaste," Medium gives foodies a bad name...Allison's investigating a gourmand/cannibal killer. Ick. Also, candidate Devalos brings on a political consultant who tries to spin his association with Allison by rebranding her as an "intuitive investigator." Gotta love the spin. 

Lindsey in Dayton, Ohio: Anything on Ghost Whisperer?
This Christmas, Santa Claus is haunting Grandview. Okay, technically it's a dead crazy person who just thinks he's Santa Claus, but close enough, right? And speaking of holidays, the Halloween ep is a doozy. Melinda's brother is back, and he's taking her on a guided tour of Grandview's "catacombs"—the underground ghost city we told you about earlier this year. 

Mary in St. Paul, Minnesota: I know I ask about Greek every week, but it's my favorite show, and I miss it! Can you tell me anything about the upcoming season?
Yes! Dale is gonna get some! We're hearing he hooks up with a brainy young coed named Tina, who actually catches Rusty's eye as well. The two totally hit it off, though she's supposed to be Dale's girl. Hmmm, do I detect a possible love triangle brewing?!

Hayley in Birmingham, Alabama: Any news on CSI: NY?
An upcoming ep sounds like they've fallen down the rabbit hole—the CSI: NY team investigates murders set against storybook dress-up parties. Captain Hook is, of course, implicated in the killings, and the Cheshire Cat is investigated as a witness, and, oh, a witch in ruby slippers is crushed under an ice castle. And, no, we are not making this up.

Francis in Rhode Island: How about a little love for J-Pad and the Supernatural fans?
Surely! I'm told Supernatural also has an episode in the vein of A Nightmare on Elm Street, where Dean and Sam meet up with a young college graduate who has the power to enter people's nightmares and keep them locked in their own worst fears. Also, we'll get a double dose of Dean when he battles a dream version of himself.

That's it for today! Thanks so much for your excellent Q's. And on one last personal note, I just want to send out a message of love and support to anyone and everyone affected by the fires here in Southern California. Our thoughts are with you.

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin and Michael Berner

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