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Hot. Hot. Hot. Let me tell you, tuberinos, US Weekly’s annual Hot Hollywood party lived up to its name—and then some—last night.

Why so steamy? Well, let me drop a few names your way so you can feel the mercury rise: Adrian Pasdar, Zachary Levi, Zachary Quinto and... Audrina, Lauren, Whitney and Heidi from The Hills.

Okay, so those last names may have been a harsh splash of cold water for you non-Hills fans, but I assure you that the blue carpet went nutso when the Hills chicas arrived in all their scandalous, catfighting, plastic-surgery-touting glory. Whee! Love it.

Since some of you couldn't make it (what, you didn’t get my Evite?!), allow me to share with you what went down with our TV faves at the soiree...

Chuck's Secret Is Out:  Think you and I are the only ones who have a mad crush on NBC’s Chuck and its leading man, Zachary Levi? Well, think again, my friends! For much of the evening, Mr. Levi was in the middle of the dance floor shaking his groove thang (and he knows how to shake it!) while girl after girl after girl lined up to tell Zach how much they love him and the show. At one point, he was surrounded on all sides! (I flashed back to another certain Zach—Zach Braff—at a magazine party right after Garden State came out. Exact same sitch!)

The good news? None of this seems to be going to Mr. Levi’s head. In fact, he blushed a little on the carpet as he talked about how overwhelmed he is by the attention—and the ridiculous number of Chuck billboards that seem to be plastered all over the city. “Even my friends and family are texting me saying, ‘Enough is enough. Really, leave me the hell alone!’ ”

Heroes Teaser Alert!  (Note to Heroes bosses: I did not say “spoiler alert” because I fully believe Jack Coleman was within the proper boundaries of teasery and not spoilery, so we can all still love him so!) Anyway, Coleman (HRG), Zach Quinto (Sylar), Adrian Pasdar (Nathan), David Anders (Kensei) and Greg Grunberg (Matt) all hit the bash, and while they were wisely mum on Hayden and Milo (another E! reporter asked), they did say they were thrilled with Heroes' solid premiere ratings, and Coleman hinted at what lies ahead:

“Timelines are going to collide. We have heroes who are 400 years in the past, and everybody else is four months in the future. Those timelines are going to collide in a very dramatic way.”

Yeee! Can’t wait. (BTW, if you have an opinion on whether we should continue with the Heroes Reduxes this season—namely, how bad do you want it, 'cause mama’s getting old and needs her sleep—email me at

Hills-larity!  As a closet Hills fan—shhh!—I gotta say, I was eating up seeing Audrina, Whitney, Lauren and Heidi descend on the blue carpet, at which point the paparazzi and camera crews went berserk. Heidi is the Us Weekly cover girl this week, and she tried to convince us press types that her need to come out and talk about her plastic surgery had nothing to do with wanting to be on the cover of a magazine. “There were so many people saying such negative things about it, so I wanted to tell people why I did it and for people to understand.”

As for the big war between Heidi and Lauren, the latter simply said, “We just don’t talk. At the end of the day, we don’t really talk to each other. We’re not really a part of each other’s lives.” (Which explains why Heidi hit the carpet the second Lauren finished up.) Audrina said the feud is “so hyped up it’s ridiculous,” but added that “it made the show amazing. We got so many good ratings from it. So, in a way, it’s a good thing.”

Betty Bliss:
  Do not forget to watch tonight’s season premiere of Ugly Betty, which, in my opinion, just might be the best episode yet and has a fantastic scene with Ana Ortiz (Hilda) that just screams Emmy. The newly married Ana hit the blue carpet and said the Betty set was “complete mayhem” last week. “We had Victoria Beckham, Marlo Thomas and Vera Wang all in the same week. David Beckham was on set. He actually came on set, and we were all like, ‘Hi, Hi, hee hee hee!’...all of us. All the girls, and some of the guys, were all atwitter! He’s so gorgeous it’s ridiculous.”

(P.S.: You can check out America Ferrera in her wedding attire and more Hills-larity in the Hum!)
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