Anthony Anderson (K-Ville), Blake Lively (Gossip Girl), Kelsey Grammer (Back to You)

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For the past few weeks, every TV critic on the planet has been telling you which new shows are worth your time—and which ones you should avoid like a rabid, six-headed dog.

Now, it's your turn.

We all know that what really matters for a show's success is whether you, the real-live TV fan, likes it. Public perception and opinion are absolutely crucial for these shows the first few weeks—they can live or die by it—so we want to make sure your voice is heard.

That said, starting today, we're launching Save It or Sink It. This will be the place to let other TV fans know exactly what you thought of each new fall series, and to try to persuade them to—you got it—Sink It or Save It.

Here's how it works. Every night a new series premieres, go to Watch with Kristin and find the Save It or Sink It for that particular show. There you can:

  • Rate the show
  • See exactly what other TV fans thought of it
  • Defend your opinion in the Comments section

Important Note:  If you feel a certain show is rated too low or too high—or not enough people have seen it—then by all means, use the Comments section as your platform to persuade the masses to see the light!

Every single voice counts—especially in these first few weeks. So, you truly have the power to help save or sink a show.

P.S.: Your opinions also will tell us which shows you want to hear more about this season.

Now, let's dig into the four newbies that have premiered so far...

Save It or Sink It: Sept. 20
Gossip Girl
Back to You
Kid Nation

Now, sound off with your opinion in the Comments section below!

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