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As part of Totally Tube 2007, we're counting down Five Newbies You'll Love. Today, ladies and gentletubers, meet Number Three...Bret Harrison.

Who He Is:  The star of the CW's new horror-comedy Reaper, fan of fanboy supreme Kevin Smith and, oh nothing, Adam Brody's BFF.

Where to Meet Him:  On the CW, natch. On the show, he plays a guy whose parents sold his soul to the devil at birth, and the devil now wants his due. Assigned to become the devil's bounty hunter, he teams up with pals Sock (Tyler Labine) and Ben (Rick Gonzalez) to hunt demons escaped from hell and return them to their rightful home in Hades.

Why You'll Love Him:  The series is hilarious and smart, just like him, and, oh heck, we sat down with the devil's latest protégé, so just read for yourself and you'll see why!

Three 3 (Countdown Numbers)


So, what's it like being a Reaper?
It's great. It's maybe the most fun of any show I've ever worked on, to be completely honest. I think that's part of being in a cast where everybody is relatively the same age. And Ray Wise, who plays the devil, is crazier than all of us put together. He's always trying to get us to go out to this suspension bridge out in West Vancouver. 

And base jump?
Yes. He's nuts. He's great.

Your character is sort of floating through life, unaware of what he wants to do. Can you relate?
One thing I always knew from an early age was that acting is what I wanted to do. Whether it was going to happen or not, I had no idea. But I go back to Oregon, where I'm from, and I have really good friends—it's not like people are wasting their lives away, but at the same time, they're like, "I don't know what I really want to do." And I think that's Sam. It's not that he's a complete deadbeat, but he definitely doesn't have a clue what he wants to do with his life right now, and I think Sam might be afraid of change.

Totally Tube 2007

Speaking of change, Sam has sort of accepted, at least for his mother's sake, that he has to be the devil's bounty hunter, but does there come a point when he's like, "I am the devil's bounty hunter, and I love it, and you can't take this job away from me"? Does he ever transition?
I hope so. A lot of times, these characters are reluctant, and they don't want to do this thing. And I'm always trying to play against that negativity, because at a certain point, I do think he will eventually get engaged. I mean, Spider-Man's bummed when it first happens, but then he's saying, "Wait a second, I can shoot webs out of my hands, and this is awesome!" I'm waiting for that moment.

Tyler Labine is a wack-job (in a fun way) of a best friend for you on the show. How's he in real life?
Actually, right now he's one of my best friends in real life. I swear, we're constantly working with each other and coming up with new ways to do things and improvise. "Oh, now, you say this!" We're not in that weird thing with actors that say, "Listen, man, you're not the director of the show." You know, like giving each other notes and stuff. We really are so open to it. We come up with different ways, and I think that's why the pilot worked so well, because we had Kevin Smith, who is the coolest director to work with. 

He's awesome. Is he going to be back with you at all?
You know, I think so. He definitely wants to. There's schedules. There's politics. Being the actor, I get to not know all that stuff. Put it this way: He definitely wants to come back, and he's more behind the show than any celebrity director should be. He did a 7,000-seat panel for Comic-Con, and it was just supposed to be Kevin Smith, because he's the big comic guy. It wasn't supposed to be like, "Hey, I just shot the coolest show ever. Let's put this out in front of 7,000 people." 

It looks awesome, and everyone loves the show. You've got a lot of people rooting for you. Hopefully, you'll be setting the new bar for success on the CW.
I know! Well, there's so much hype that it almost scares me a little bit. It's been leaked on the Internet. The studios don't care because they're, like, yeah, it's awesome. 

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—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin

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