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Jen here with a few insights gleaned from the House panel. Check the message boards tomorrow for full and proper quotes: I know every detail of House info is precious.

Survivor: Princeton-Plainsboro:  To replace Cameron, Chase and Foreman, House is going to invite 40 newbies to join his diagnostic practice. He's going to pit them against each other until he finds ones he likes. Exec producer Katie Jacobs pointed out that while all the candidates are creditable physicians, what appeals to House might not necessarily be medical bona fides. She noted, "He might be interested in a veterinarian...or just someone he can't get a handle on." For example, the new guy played by Peter Jacobson appeals to House because his years of experience in the plastic surgery field give him insight into human behavior and psychology.

Duck Hunting:  Omar Epps, Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer all appear in the early episodes, but it seems that House may see them only in his head. Chase and Cameron are in Arizona at the start of the season; Cuddy is pissed at House (duh); Foreman is doing diagnostic work at Mercy. Wilson accuses House of feeling guilty about losing his pet ducklings—now promoted to duck status, of course—and I got the impression House may be a little crazier than usual without their moderating influences. Cameron, Chase and Foreman will definitely return to the Housian fold but not immediately or gratuitiously.

Eroticism, Yay!  Robert Sean Leonard disagreed with a reporter who suggested House was unlikable and, "at the risk of spreading rumors," he said Wilson finds appeal in House's many attractions and positive attributes, which he then listed in depth. Katie Jacobs also promised a "beautiful makeout session" for Cuddy sometime this season—I personally intend to hold her to that.

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