Private Practice: Kate Walsh

ABC/Ron Tom

"Slower, older and soapier."

This is what a source tells me was the network and producer's goal for Kate Walsh's new show Private Practice, which airs its pilot as a two-hour episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight.

And while I'm pretty sure "Slower! Older! Soapier!" hasn't been used in a TV promo since that bathtub episode of the Golden Girls, the crazy thing is that this format actually seems to work on tonight's pilot episode (which I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed). While it is certainly more relaxed than the humplicious action on Grey's, Kate Walsh is stunningly likeable and her chemistry with Tim Daly is hot.

The downside? I'm hearing that the reports of bruised egos and tension on set in the wake of Kate's scoring and shooting her own spinoff are most indeed true—but the offenders are not the people you'd suspect. (Read: Not Katherine Heigl.)

Anyhoo, when you see PP tonight (tee hee, that sounded dirty), feel free to weigh in with your thoughts below. Is it a worthy contender for fall? Or should Addison stay put? I wanna see what you see!

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