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Wow. Just wow.

The results are in from our seventh annual Save One Show campaign, where you, the fans, vote for the one endangered TV series you want to save from extinction.

And the good news is—thanks to a never-before-seen SOS twist—you Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars (and even Friday Night Lights) fans all have a reason to celebrate.

First, I have to tell you that we had a record-breaking 6 million votes this year, which is downright astounding. But not as astounding as the way in which those votes came in over the course of the two-week voting period.

Here's the play-by-play: For the first few days of SOS voting, CW fan favorites Veronica Mars and One Tree Hill were neck and neck, switching off between first and second place. Then, Veronica pulled ahead, steadily climbing and reaching nearly 40 percent of the votes, making it the clear winner for the next week and a half.

Then suddenly, in the last 24 hours of voting, you Gilmore fans must have put the pedal to the metal and rallied in all the right places, because the Girls pulled out of third place to come out on top—right before the Save One Show poll closed on Friday at midnight.

That said, thanks to these extraordinary voting circumstances, we’re going to do something we’ve never done before: give SOS love to two shows—both the winner, the CW's Gilmore Girls, and the very close runner-up, the CW's Veronica Mars.

As promised, I will be sending support letters to the powers that be at the C-Dub along with personal messages from you fans (feel free to post them in the comments section below).

Here are the official results (according to number of votes received) of the Save One Show poll:

1. Gilmore Girls: 2.2 million
2. Veronica Mars: 1.9 million
3. One Tree Hill: 950,802
4. Supernatural: 413,014
5. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: 120,312
6. Crossing Jordan: 30,552
7. Friday Night Lights: 23,195 (six more scripts have been ordered)
8. How I Met Your Mother: 21,761
9. What About Brian: 14,003
10. Jericho: 13,328
11. The Class: 13,238
12. Medium: 11,811(six more scripts have been ordered)
13. Scrubs: 9,248
14. 30 Rock: 5,189 votes (already picked up by NBC)
15. Close to Home: 2,433
16. Six Degrees: 1,711
17. The Nine: 1,126

Veronica Mars executive producer Rob Thomas has this to say about the outpouring of fan support: "We're continually astounded by the fans' willingness to go grassroots to keep us around. More than ever, the letter-writing, vote-casting, plane-circling efforts of our fans may be just the push we need to make it back on the air."

(We weren’t able to receive a comment from the cast or crew of Gilmore Girls before press time—but I’m sure they are thrilled to know how much the fans still love them!)

Meanwhile, you may remember that this year, we asked you fans to create your own Save One Show videos to support your favorite endangered series. We received a ton of great videos and truly appreciate your efforts!

Our winning video is from the adorable Chloe Perelgut, a die-hard Friday Night Lights fan in Etobicoke, Ontario. Enjoy!

Also, a special shout-out to our intern (and die-hard OTH fan) Matthew Nagorner, who kicked ass and put together a One Tree Hill video—all in one day. It’s stirring up buzz over on YouTube, and you can see it here.

Thanks so much to you all for fighting the good fight! I sincerely hope all your faves live on to see another season.
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