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Aloha! Mahalo! Male kaliki Lost-a! I'm coming to you from the land of sun and sand and mai tais and that delicious Hawaiian specialty: the Sawyer and Jack Manwich. I'm on the island of Oahu this week to go where few reporters have gone before—behind the scenes on the set of Lost—and I feel a little like someone who discovered that magical box of Benry's that makes your biggest dream come true! I need to head off to the Lost set very soon, but first I wanted to answer your Q's. So, let's tackle them real quick here, mmm-kay? Foxy is waiting.

Tommy in Albuquerque: Is Veronica Mars canceled? I heard that one of the castmembers said it is.
I've now heard from four different people that such-and-so castmember was told the show was canceled, but according to Rob Thomas, "That's simply not true. I'm the one who called them. I didn't say we were canceled. We're not." Rob is hard at work on his season-four pitch, which sounds mind-blowingly good (the CW would be completely moronic not to pick it up), so please, keep the faith! And don't forget to vote for your favorite show in our Save One Show campaign.

Sandee in Edison, New Jersey: What time does the SOS poll close on Fri., Apr. 6? I need to start planning my all-night voting session!
The Save One Show poll closes at 11:59 p.m. PST on Fri., Apr. 6! By the way, the leader has definitely pulled away from the pack since our last update, and the current third-place vote getter is making a nice run at the current runner-up. The close competition is killing me—I think if I weren't being soothed by the balmy winds of Hawaii, I'd be pulling my hair out watching Save One Show! Oh, and don't forget to send in your videos supporting your favorite shows! We'll share the best with the rest of the world!

Alana in New York: Tell me you're hearing good things about where Lost is headed?
I checked in with some sources before boarding my Oceanic flight, and I actually got goosebumps hearing what they have in store. The Lost finale will be the finale that everyone will be talking about all summer. Not Grey's. Not Heroes. Not the Great American Dream Vote. Okay, so I'm kidding on that last one, but in all seriousness, from what I hear, Lost's season-ender will "change the show for good"—possibly in sort of an Alias-y Super Bowl episode kinda way. So get ready.

Limberlost in Indiana: What's coming up on Lost?
Over the weekend, Dr. Anna Graham hit the Lost Weekend fan party, benefiting the Children's Defense Fund, and she asked L. Scott Caldwell (Rose) and Sam Anderson (Bernard) about the "awesome" storyline the producers promised for their characters in the most recent podcast. Neither of them knew anything about it, so it might be a ways off! Dr. Anna also asked if L. Scott Caldwell thought Rose's cancer had been cured, and she said, "No, I don't think so. If she is cured, it's because she's willed it herself—I don't think it has anything do with the Island. That's just my take on it." Sniffle.

Somenhund: Shortly before Eko is killed by the Black Smoke, Yemi, Eko's brother, says "You speak to me as if I were your brother." If this was not Eko's brother, who was it? Was it some kind of shapeshifter?
Dr. Anna caught up with Adetokumboh M'Cormack at the Lost Weekend party, and he said anything is possible when it comes to Yemi: "Yemi's doing some strange things on the Island, setting tents on fire and all that. His body was there, and it disappeared, and hopefully it'll turn up. Somebody said to me, 'Your body had a lot of hair on it—are you sure that was you?' I don't know! Your guess is as good as mine!"

Juliana in Tenafly, New Jersey: So, Emily VanCamp is a series regular on Brothers & Sisters? That means she's here to stay for sure?
I'll let exec producer Greg Berlanti answer you that: “She is! She's gonna be around, so we're gonna have to kill off a few people at the end of the year to make space for everybody! No, I'm kidding. You know, she definitely is, in fact, a Walker. It's not a fraud, and that's important to know. But I think the obvious thing would be to sort of try and integrate her in a happy, healthy way and make her one of the family. We really don't take that route. There are a lot of surprises coming up for her character in terms of just who she is. And you know, the person who knows the most about her is the person the Walkers trust the least, and that's Holly. In some ways, [Rebecca's presence] will make them relate to [Holly] more. But mostly, it just drives them all crazy that they have to continue to be associated with [her and vice versa].”

Naomi in Portland, Oregon: Are we going to see any more of James Kyson Lee (Ando) on Heroes?
I hope so. Actually, I recently asked Mr. Masi Oka himself if he thought James' character, Ando, might have some special abilities, and Masi said, "It's very possible. I mean, he came up with a police costume out of nowhere!" (Sweet and funny. I lurve him.)

Frank in Charlotte, North Carolina: Please tell me Hated Harry is not Alec Baldwin. I could not take that.
It is not Alec Baldwin. In fact, another reporter here just had her own personal run-in with Hated Harry. He flat-out told her, "I'm an ass," and refused to do an interview. So apparently, his status isn't news to him!

Adam in Oak Park, Illinois: Top Model!
I chatted with full-figured eliminee Diana this week, and she spilled some very interesting tidbits: namely, that her infamous answer to Mr. Jay's "Why do you want to be a model?" question wasn't "Just cuz." She says she began her answer by saying "Just cuz," and continued on to spew all sorts of other valid reasons why she wanted to be there. She was fuming about the fact that the editing made it look otherwise.

Chrissy in Troy, Michigan: Why is Renee on Top Model such a bitch? I couldn't believe how she was talking trash to Whitney about plus-size models on Wednesday!
Actually, fun fact for you: Diana tells me that entire interaction between Renee and Whitney was staged! She says Renee was actually very supportive of her and Whitney, and they were just playin' around and the cameras happened to catch it on tape. She said the scene in which she's going on about how angry and pissed off she is was in reaction to something completely different! By the way, if you miss old-school ANTM, check out Marc Malkin's hilarious encounter with Janice Dickinson in our sister section, Planet Gossip! 

Kimberly in Ithaca, New York: The Guidos are gone! The Guidos are gone! Actually, I have to admit I think I'm gonna miss them!
Me, too! I chatted with them this morning and tried to get them to trash talk Eric and Danielle, but they wouldn't do it! I asked them how they felt about E&D's attitude toward them, and they were very diplomatic. They mentioned that they weren't aware of any of their derogatory comments while the race was underway, but even after watching them on TV, they felt Eric and Danielle weren't any worse than anyone else, including themselves. They said it was a competition and reiterated their season one Guido-ism: "We're not gonna be going on vacation with any of these people!" Although they did say that they watched last night's episode with Oswald, with whom they've stayed very friendly. And they were a kinder, gentler Guido this time around, something that may hold them back in the future. Joe is interested in joining the next Big Brother cast, but he was told the network would prefer the old, bitchy, mean Guidos over the new gentrified version.

Kevin in Bethesda, Maryland: Who's gonna win The Amazing Race this season? My money's on the blondies.
The blondies are a good bet, but Bill and Joe told me they were definitely surprised by the final three. They said if they had to predict the finalists before they left the race, they would've been incorrect.

Julie in Holly, Michigan: What do you think of Wedding Bells so far? I'm really lovin' it! Is the word on the street good?
I liked it too, but the word on the street is that it was canceled today. Sorry. (Psst…for a little dish about Wedding Bells costar Sherri Shepherd taking on Barbara Walters, check out Planet Gossip!) And in other Fox Corp. news, sources tell me that FX today ordered 13 episodes of the new Glenn Close drama Damages, premiering this summer.  


Don't read if you don't want to know!) 

Thomas in Ohio: Can you please tell us more about the person close to Meredith who dies? It's not McDreamy, is it?
Yes, Patrick Dempsey is getting killed off of Grey's Anatomy. Oh, and the other thing? I'm totally kidding. Read on.

Yellingirl1 in Miami: The death of someone close to Mer isn't her father, is it?
No, but you aren't far off. And you wanna know the really wretched thing? It will be Meredith's fault. Or, at least, it will be perceived that way.

Helena in Boston: I need a Jam session!
Don't we all? My toast is so dry and barren without Jam! But I'm 99 percent sure we get some lip-smacking Jam deliciousness by the end of the current Office season. I'm hearing that Pam continues on her path of asking for what she wants: First, the light beer, and now, the Big Tuna. Meanwhile, Karen might be headed for—drumroll, please—the Dunder-Mifflin corporate office! Or, at least, that's the way it looks from here. So, pray to the Jam gods (Smucker's?) that it's true.

Everlee in London, England: Michael and Jan have become my favorite part of The Office! Any scoop you can give us on what's coming up with them?
Melora Hardin, who plays Jan, recently told me, "[Jan] is getting wilder. She is a little kinky—I have to say, I think Jan is one of the most exciting, multidimensional characters on television."

Alison in Tampa, Florida: Any Ugly Betty scoop?
We meet more members of the Suarez family before the season ends. In fact, I think we may be taking a trip to Mexico.

Lisa in Houston: Is Ugly Betty's Alexis Meade's new assistant the lovable Deputy Leo from Veronica Mars? It sure looks and sounds like him. BTW, I love your scoops. If I don't read it here first, I don't believe it! Hope to hear from you!
That is totally Deputy Leo, aka Max Greenfield, whom I love, love, love. Now, speaking of hearing, I hear that before the end of the season, we meet Nikki, Alexis' sexy and fearless ex-girlfriend, who works for an extreme sports magazine. Word is she's hanging with the Meade boys again, but now that Alex(is) is no longer "available," she starts getting close to guess who? Daniel! I'm hearing they're looking for a big name to play the role. By the way, for tons more Betty goodness, check out this week's Vine show!

Jessica in St. Petersburg, Florida: What happened to Justin going back to war on Brothers & Sisters? Is that still happening?
It absolutely is. Dave Annable told me Justin may just ship off right around season finale time. But before he goes, Greg Berlanti tells me he gets quite chummy with his new sis, Rebecca: “Justin is sort of the family member who takes the lead in terms of bringing her into the fold. Partially because he’s closest to her in age and partially because his sense of going back to the war and going back to Iraq makes him a little bit more determined to make his family whole before he leaves. We definitely get into what the family dynamics were and how can they be shifted now that there’s a new member.”

Dani in Rumford, Maine: Kristin, if they kill Charlie, I'm gonna die. I love him so much!
Here, have a mai tai—it takes the edge off! As for the fate of Charlie, in episode 21, his next flashback, looks like there are two female characters playing cops (or something similar), one of whom is "about nailing the perp to the wall, no matter how you do it..." There's also a blue-collar family—a father and two sons—all with Mancunian accents. (Betcha didn't know that residents of Manchester, England, are called Mancunians—never let it be said that Watch with Kristin is not educational!) All three members of the family are "required to swim in a pool," which makes me worry a little bit about drowning. Gulp.

Marcus in Singapore: What's going to happen with Sun's baby? Do the Others know she's pregnant?
The upcoming episode "D.O.C." explores Sun's pregnancy, and I'm told the initials in the title stand for "date of conception." The flashbacks in the ep include more scenes with Sun's father, Mr. Paik.

RachelBlakeFan: In the description of the Bones finale, it says that Zack gives an important letter to Booth. Is it the letter that Bones wrote when she was buried alive with Hodgins?
It's not that letter. It's another letter, and after Zack gives it to Booth, it ends up with Angela, who has her own role to play in this particular drama...

Rion in Burlington, Ontario: Got any dish on Medium?
Before the end of the season, Ryan Hurst is back as Allison's little brother Michael Benoit—in an episode that, coincidentally, is directed by Patricia Arquette's little brother, David! Ryan returns to Phoenix when his own work gets him involved in mystery solvin'! Ryan told me about the ep, "Lucky finally starts to actually accept responsibility for having these powers, because up to this point he's kind of denied it."

Sam in Redding, California: Any scoop on 30 Rock? It's the best show on television.
I was definitely feeling that after watching this coming Thursday's episode with Will Arnett. All you need to know is that he wears an itty-bitty bathrobe and puts the moves on Kenneth the Page. Hi. Freaking. Larious. Plus, I think I may have already mentioned (who knows with this much rum—er, sun) that the Sydney Bristow line Kenneth delivers is my new favorite line of the season. You're gonna die.

Victoria in Bahia Blanca, Argentina: What does the sign on Niki's back, Isaac's paintings, Hiro's sword and Mohinder's computer mean? I just love the mystery!
The symbol is a good mystery, isn't it? According to Tim Kring, a third meaning for the Heroes symbol soon emerges, in addition to the description of the symbol as either a helix or a combination of two Japanese characters.

April in La Jolla, California: How long is Wayne Rich gonna keep up the lawyer lie on The Riches? He's already makin' a fool of himself. No way he'll be able to pull it off much longer.
Actually, I'm hearing he tries his first court case in episode 10, so I'm thinking he's a better con man than you realize.

It'll be a relatively quiet week around here since I'll be deep in the Lost trenches (damn that Locke for blowing up the connection to the outside world!), but Korbi and our latest addition to Team WWK, Jennifer Godwin (you're gonna love her), will be holding down the fort in case of any breaking news. And I'll be back next week with dish from the Lost set. Aloha!  

—Additional reporting by Korbi Ghosh and Jennifer Godwin

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