Does Kate still love Jack? Will Ben get a flashback? When will we find out about Locke's wheelchair?

These are the questions I put forth to the grooviest producers in town: Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse of Lost.

As promised from my last interaction with the D&C superstars, you can see our round of "False, True or Hell No We Won't Tell You" in the video clip on this page.

(Personally, I find the reaction to the Jate money Q and Ben's flashback très interesante!) 

Now let's digest last night's ep...

Is it wrong that I can't decide which I like more: crazy-eyed hard-core Jack or benevolent hero Jack? Because crazy-eyed Jack has a fanatical edge to him that is kind of strict and dirty and dark as hell...but then again, hero Jack with the Juliet-saving and the masterful doctoring is pretty hot, too. A girl shouldn't have to choose! 

So now, on with the rundown of what we learned in this ep and some tips about what's coming down the pike!

Marky-Mark and the Funky Hunch:  Okay, so Achura marked Jack with his identity, but what's the meaning of the flame icon branded at the base of Juliet's spine? Is she now Property of the Dharma Natural Gas & Electric Company? Is it a mark of Cain? Or is it just an awesome way to hook up Jack, Juliet and an aloe plant, the combined hotness of which could burn down any house? 

Does Lost  Watch Grey's Anatomy?  First a Dr. Shephard, then a Dr. Burke and now an "Izzie." I think we've left the realm of coincidence and headed straight into the territory of "shout-out!"

Bobby Brady, Slingshot Sally & Clueless Cindy:  I think most of the Others have been duped by the gang at the top who see evil, hear evil and speak evil. Cindy, at least, has always seemed to be genuinely good and appeared to be totally ignorant of the kind of mindfrakking that led to the murder of Ana-Lucia. On a related front, is Alex's crusade against her dad just garden-variety teenage rebellion, or does she grok the true nature of the Others? Last but not least, what's Ben's beef with Karl? Is it more than simple fatherly protectiveness?

Bring Me My Jacket!  I heart Juliet and Jack. What do we call them? Jacket? Jaliet? Juck? Because never before has grilled cheese and toothpicks in jungle captivity been so adorable.

What Lies Ahead:  I just watched next week's episode, "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead." Remember when I told you about the audition my friend's friend had for this ep? Put that together with the title and you've pretty much gist of the first, er, explosive part of Hurley's flashback. Also, next week's ep feels like it has more hugs in it that all the other episodes in the history of the show combined, and they'll make you sniffle or squee or some combination of both. Seriously, you'll laugh, you'll cry, it's better than Cats. (And psst...for the record, for any of you who did not love last night's episode, things will get infinitely better next week. Promise. So hold on!)

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