Hump Day Stumper

Welcome to our weekly, dirty-birdy dishfest that is salacious good fun! 

As you followers know (thanks for reading, mom), these little Wednesday stories are troublemaking enough that, sadly, I can't ever reveal the subjects' identities. And in this case, oh my scandal, it's honestly going to kill me not to tell you! It's that good. So, please, put your sleuthing caps on and figure this one out in the Comments below, will ya? For me?

Parental Guidance: In a certain family on a certain television show, there is a parent and adult child combination that's extremely believable, and for good reason: The actors have real chemistry. Like, real chemistry. Like, according to sources close to the show, they are dating in real life—but very much on the sly. And if you knew who this pairing was, you would completely freak, as I did when I heard the news. Let's just say that you would not expect either of these actors to be dabbling in a relationship that spans the generations!

Got guesses? Well, bring 'em on in the Comments section below.


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