How can you not love Betty? This is the question I’ve been asking since seeing the very first episode of ABC’s Ugly Betty, and after spending a day on the set with the cast and crew, I’m now convinced more than ever that it is simply impossible to dislike this Ugly crew.

Just like the show itself, the people working on it do not take themselves too seriously (so very un-Hollywood!), which is why I think you’ll get a kick out my latest Vine show, shot entirely on the set of Ugly Betty. (You can see it by clicking on "Play Video Now" in the box at right.) In the show, the cast tackled your questions—everything from the possibility of a Betty and Daniel romance to the mystery of Betty’s eyebrows. (Cue the scary music.)

The cast even tackled a few extra questions of yours, which of course, I must share. But I should warn you, a few of the answers are a bit spoilery, so beware!

From Jason: Is the cast happy that Chris Gorham [Henry] will be sticking around?
America Ferrera (Betty): Absolutely! He’s so much fun to work with, and the characters are so sweet. They’re both quirky in this world. Betty is spreading her wings and seeing what else is out there. The episode we are shooting right now is particularly very romantic-comedyish—it’s really a lot of fun to do and, I’m sure, to watch. Betty is being fought over by the boys!

From TaMara: First, love, lovelove this show, and I've loved America Ferrera since Real Women Have Curves.  My question is, are there plans to give Betty a bit of an upgrade in her look—a bit more Queens, a little less clueless?  I'm having a hard time believing as smart and observant Betty is, she wouldn't be savvy enough to make a few improvements.
America: I think eventually, throughout the years, she will have to mild down. I think she already has a very quirky sense of fashion, and if it is just fine-tuned a little bit, she might have somethin’ there!

From Suzanne: Is Papi going to be okay?
Tony Plana (Papi): I have a feeling Betty will help me get through this, and I am looking forward to that. I love what they have done with my character and that Papi has a complicated past. The issue of the illegal immigrant and the complications involved are interesting, because it humanizes the anonymous face of the illegals. Whether you are on one side or the other of the argument, they are humans. But the short answer is, I think Papi will be okay. I got Betty!

From James: Does Marc actually like working for Wilhelmina? Does he legitimately like her?
Michael Urie (Marc): Are you kidding? Yes, absolutely! I think he wants to emulate her as much as possible. He loves her. He would do anything for her. But of course, if need be, he’d destroy her for himself.



From Lana: Is there any hope for Amanda and Daniel? Will Daniel ever know how much she loves him?
Becki Newton (Amanda): For now, Amanda has resolved her feelings a little bit, because she doesn’t want Daniel to get in the way of her job. Maybe it comes up again in the future, but for now, Daniel is never going to know how strongly Amanda felt.

From Kristin: I've actually heard that Amanda has a secret that is a little bit shocking. That is a little bit similar to what Monica on Friends had in her past…
Becki: Ahh! It is possible…

Kristin: It's kind of fantastic! I know we can't give too much away, but we can say there is more to Amanda then we have seen.
Becki: Oh, there used to be a lot more to Amanda then we’ve seen! [Laughs] It might be a source of why she is a be-yotch. Like, maybe she got made fun of for most of her life.

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