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Hey, tubers! Lots and lots of exciting scoop today—everything from a Heroes death and a Betty love to the next big couple on The let's get to it.

From Georgia: I loved Chris Gorham on Ugly Betty—you know, the cute accounting guy Henry. Is he going to stick around?
And how! I actually just spent two days on set with the cast, and on the second day (Friday), Chris Gorham was in the hizzouse! He was shooting an adorable scene with Betty (America Ferrera) at Mode magazine's Christmas party. And get this: He broke the news to me that he is "sticking around" and is now "part of the Ugly Betty family"! He didn't come right out and say the words "series regular"—but he may as well have, because "there is no end in sight." Whee! (Note: There was no Walter in sight, either—eek!) Personally, I'm overjoyed by the news that Chris is staying put in Bettyland, because he is one of my all-time favorite people in Hollywood (loved him ever since Jake 2.0).

From Arniegg: Are Betty and Henry going to get together?
Here's what Chris tells me: "I think they have a really strong connection, and it's pretty apparent that they have feelings for each other. As for Henry, I feel like he is pretty together most of the time, but he completely falls apart when he gets near this woman. There definitely is a future, but I don't think it is going to be smooth." Is it ever in TV Land?

From Martagirl: Omigod, I just saw the latest episode of Heroes, and I'm freaking! It was just insanely good. Anything you can tell us about what's going to happen next? Got any scoop?
Do I! I have an embarrassment of Heroic riches after a few Heroes events over the weekend. I'll share much more of it with you in tomorrow morning's Heroes Redux, but for now, here are some juicy morsels of scoop (it is a bit spoilery, so read at your own risk):

  • Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder) on the blossoming romance between Mohinder and Eden: "It gets resolved very quickly in the next two or three episodes. You'll find out one way or another—but there is definitely something going on there."
  • Masi Oka (Hiro) on the heroes' endgame: "Isaac is the one who is guiding us. We have the save the cheerleader thing, but the ultimate mission is to go see Mr. Isaac."
  • Milo Ventimiglia (Peter) on who dies in tonight's episode: "Um"—shoulder shrug—"me?" Gaaa! That can't be true, can it? I'll have more dish on Peter and another shocking Heroes twist in the spoiler section, so read on!

From Qbert: Heroes! Now!
How about a little old-school goss? One of my partners in crime hit a Heroes-tastic charity event for the Pediatric Epilepsy Project (Greg Grunberg, my hero, has a son who battles the condition) and started asking a totally innocent question about about Milo Ventimiglia's  onscreen girlfriend. She got about as far as girlfriend when Milo volunteered, "I'm single!" So, Alexis and Milo: Off again? What say ye? Discuss in the comments section below!

From Martin: You have to help me. Who is the new bad guy on Nip/Tuck? The hot Asian guy? I swear I've seen him before. It's driving me crazy.
Funny, 'cause I know I've seen him before—in my bunk bed in an RV in New Zealand! Some of you (maybe?) might remember I was a Road Ruler for a week with a bunch of journalists about three years ago. Well, Jack Yang just so happened to be one of those reporters I was holed up with. How nutsos is that? He's actually a really great guy and funny as all get out. But anyway, where you have seen him before (and recently) is playing the bartender's boyfriend on Grey's Anatomy. Small freaking world, matey! I'm told Jack's character on Nip/Tuck is a "really, really bad boy," and he has much more coming up in future episodes (I believe he's shooting at least a couple more). He is the guy behind the kidney stealing. Tsk, tsk.

From bella: Any chance Mario Lopez will be back on Nip/Tuck?
Our fabulous intern Michael Berner just caught up with Mario's mom at a Dancing with the Stars event, and she told him this (moms love cute interns!): "As a matter of fact, he is going back in two weeks. I think they asked him for two more episodes." Michael also talked to my girl Samantha Harris, who told him of the just-ended season: "There was a lot of canoodling, as the Brits call it, going on backstage between certain partners that I shall not name. Wink, wink." Love it!

From Gina: Do you actually read any of the comments we post at the end of your columns? I just wonder since your latest was so provocative. (Jack off Lost? Someone is on crack!)
Are you kidding? I'm addicted to reading your comments! And even better, they seem to actually be working now, which makes the ol' heart go pitter-patter. As for Jack getting written off Lost, I'm personally not as shell-shocked by the idea as I once was. And I would not be surprised if he was actually killed. I mean, I'd soil myself. But I wouldn't really be surprised, per se.

From iheartstinkerbell: Medium's Miguel Sandoval lost so much weight over the summer, and in the show's premiere his character, Manuel Devalos, discovered he has diabetes. Did Miguel find out he had diabetes in real life and have it written into the show?
I checked in with the Medium folks, and in this case it turns out art is not imitating life. A publicist for the show said, "It turns out that Miguel did not have a diabetes scare. He just adapted a healthier style of living."

From Carrie: I wanted Jaeda to win Top Model!
I spoke to her this week, and she actually seemed okay with the producers' decision. But she was upset that that commercial did her in. She said it was really difficult to do, because her partner wouldn't help her learn the Catalan language or practice the copy. Plus, she had to kiss that creep on camera!  Perhaps the most shocking part of my interview with her was her confession that she's keeping her hair short! Yes, that's right. After all that crying and bitching and moaning about how the short hair made her look like a man and ruined her self-esteem, she's now decided she likes it and is not going to let it grow back. Women—we are a fickle bunch.

From tvondvdqween: Come on, Diva: Scrubs-a-dub-dub!
Tons of Scrubby goodness coming your way, but the cast-crossover madness continues. Already told you Masi Oka is picking up his recurring role on Scrubs with his powers intact, but how about another appearance by the Todd on Veronica Mars? I caught up with Robert Maschio (aka the Todd), and he had only the best things to say about our favorite girl detective: "You know, that's a really nice group of people on that show. And [Kristen Bell] is really sweet—she couldn't have been nicer to everybody." I asked if he'd be interested in returning to that show, and he said, "Rob Thomas, I'm ready and available, and I can tone down the comedy if you want me to come back to Neptune. They always had to tell me [to tone it down]." (The Todd? Subtle?! Sacrilege!)


From Heather: Thursday's episode of The Office had me dancing around the living room, then at the end I wanted to throw my TV out of the window. Please, tell me there is hope for Jim and Pam!
I am right there with you, babycakes. And while I have nothing giddily delicious to report on the Jam front (sorry—aside from a great new Orange Marmalade I did just discover at Whole Foods) I do have major news in the Office romance department! Carol dumps Michael in the next couple weeks, which leaves him heartbroken at first, until he realizes he can rebound with—who else?! Jan! To my surprise, I'm hearing Ms. Levinson is totally into it, and even goes on a romantic getaway with Michael over the Christmas holidays.  "Man" (Michael/Jan) is on!

From Joanan: Heroes dish, please!
If you think Peter is the only one who dies, you are sorely mistaken, my loves! There's a big death coming up in the next few episodes that is such a fantastic twist (the way in which it happens) that you will literally leap out of your seat and hit the wall. (I suggest you get padded wallpaper for this one!)

From Ellan: What's next for Peter on Heroes?
He's gonna lose Simone but gain a whole heck of a lot of powers. By the time this season is over, Sylar won't seem so scary after all.

From Elizabeth: I love Gates and Neela together! What's coming up on ER?
I hear the two of them are spending Thanksgiving together, but when Neela goes home with Gates, it isn't all turkey and pumpkin pie. Apparently, we haven't seen the last of Meg just yet.  Yeee!

From centurion: Do you have any info on Battlestar Galactica?
How about a little news on "Starpollo"? Jamie Bamber himself tells me, "[Starbuck and Apollo] come together again for a far more meaningful moment, but that spins them out into some sort of strange reaction, and they hate each other." As for their respective marriages, he says, "They're definitely married to different people, but because of the immense flirtation and chemistry between Starbuck and Apollo...It's just a crazy relationship that has so many impediments. It's kind of really tragic and screwed-up, because they should be together. That is the answer of happiness for those two characters, but it doesn't work out like that."

From myacardia: More on BG, please?
Athena/Sharon does find out that Hera is alive, and when mama bear finds out her baby's done been taken, I suspect things are gonna get ugly. Grace Park tells me, "Every single thing that has happened to [Sharon] is pretty heinous, but to steal someone's child and hide it from her—they never actually give it back to her, she happens to find out, which makes it that much worse. So, because of that, she's a little bit mad. Is she going to stay mad? Probably. I think she's forgiven them this many times, and she's had it up to here."

From Jackie: When will everyone find out that Amanda Peet's character, Jordan, is pregnant?
Next Monday, actually, and everyone is shocked! I'm also hearing Jordan's problems escalate when she decides to address all her negative press in an interview that unfortunately goes south. Apparently, she accidentally insults the interviewer, putting her job in serious jeopardy.

From Jules: Anything on Earl?
Yes! I'm hearing Mr. Hickey has got a serious gambling problem, and his addiction has grave consequences for Catalina.  And speaking of Catalina, there's a rumor that Randy's wildest dream could possibly come true before the Christmas holidays. Yes, I'm seeing a Mexican wedding in someone's future…¡Caliente!

From Matt: Jaime Pressly is preggers!
Yup, and I ran into the cast of Earl at the 14th Annual Diversity Awards this weekend and asked if her pregnancy would be written into the show. They were pretty sure the answer is no, but said producer Greg Garcia hasn't made a final decision for sure. 

From Mary: Gimme some Bones!
There are rumors that someone new and recognizable is joining the cast very soon. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with this, but I'm also hearing that either Cam or Brennan gets a love interest. Also, I'm told our beloved Booth is about to begin therapy.

From Jillygirl: Anything on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel? I'm hooked!
According to Robin, "Let's just say I get into a huge fight with Aneesa and I'm a little nervous, but we'll see how it goes!" Can't. Wait.

From Marlene: Addison and Alex, really?
Really, really. Get ready to need to be hosed down! Cause this SexAA couple be HoTT!

That's it for today. Please note: There is no chat next week, because I will be going out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday (yours truly is in dire need of a little va-cay), but I'll still be posting scoop, so check back! Happy Turkey Lurkey!

—Additional reporting (and salvation of my sanity) by Korbi Ghosh, Jennifer Godwin and Michael Berner

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